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Bas van Dijk 47b14e0a99 doc/language-frameworks/ integer-simple improvements 5 years ago
languages-frameworks doc/language-frameworks/ integer-simple improvements 5 years ago
old doc/old/cross.txt: md5 -> sha256 6 years ago
coding-conventions.xml Make more visible which fetch approach is best 5 years ago
configuration.xml doc/configuration: tidy up text around #23130 changes 5 years ago
contributing.xml doc: make it clear the Contributing section is for the docs 7 years ago
cross-compilation.xml top-level: Allow nixpkgs to take localSystem directly 5 years ago
default.nix Merge #16501: add a guide about vim plugins 5 years ago
functions.xml wrap added notes in <note> 5 years ago nixpkgs manual introduction: improve 6 years ago
manual.xml nixpkgs docs: Cross compilation docs 6 years ago
meta.xml nixpkgs manual: Fix license strings docs 6 years ago
multiple-output.xml outputDocdev -> outputDevdoc 6 years ago
overlays.xml $NIXPKGS_OVERLAYS -> <nixpkgs-overlays> 5 years ago
package-notes.xml ~/.nixpkgs -> ~/.config/nixpkgs 5 years ago
quick-start.xml hello/ex-2 -> hello 7 years ago
release-notes.xml Fix trivial spelling mistake in docs 8 years ago
reviewing-contributions.xml manual: reviewing contributions nixos -> nixpkgs (#20626) 6 years ago
stdenv.xml Merge #19328: mkWrapper fix and docs 5 years ago
submitting-changes.xml nixpkgs manual: more strict commit policy (close #11609) 7 years ago