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# Some project files look for F# targets in $(FSharpTargetsPath)
# so it's a good idea to add something like this to your ~/.bash_profile:
# export FSharpTargetsPath=$(dirname $(which fsharpc))/../lib/mono/4.0/Microsoft.FSharp.Targets
# In build scripts, you would add somehting like this:
# export FSharpTargetsPath="${fsharp}/lib/mono/4.0/Microsoft.FSharp.Targets"
# However, some project files look for F# targets in the main Mono directory. When that happens
# patch the project files using this script so they will look in $(FSharpTargetsPath) instead.
echo "Patching F# targets in fsproj files..."
find -iname \*.fsproj -print -exec \
sed --in-place=.bak \
-e 's,<FSharpTargetsPath>\([^<]*\)</FSharpTargetsPath>,<FSharpTargetsPath Condition="Exists('\'\\1\'')">\1</FSharpTargetsPath>,'g \
{} \;