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Markus Hauck aa22a5cdd4 gitinspector: add `checkInputs` 5 years ago
applications gitinspector: add `checkInputs` 5 years ago
build-support mkShell: add builder (#30975) 5 years ago
data dejavu_fonts: make relative symlink 5 years ago
desktops vte-ng: don't run configure as part of autogen, since it runs w/o args 5 years ago
development gnu-cobol: 2.0-rc2 -> 2.2 5 years ago
games xsnow: fix url 5 years ago
misc Merge pull request #32867 from yegortimoshenko/20171219.103133/propagate-murrine 5 years ago
os-specific linux-copperhead: 4.14.7.a -> 4.14.8.b 5 years ago
servers lighttpd: add enableLdap option (default false) 5 years ago
shells nix-bash-completions: lazy load aware install 5 years ago
stdenv Merge branch 'master' into staging 5 years ago
test Add clang multilib variants (x64_64-only, 64/32bit), basic multilib tests 5 years ago
tools Merge pull request #32856 from markus1189/http-prompt 5 years ago
top-level Specify the coq version in a more consistent location 5 years ago