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Daiderd Jordan de96020789 Merge pull request #24031 from neeasade/add-xrq 5 years ago
aliases.nix libjson-rpc-cpp: 0.6.0 -> 0.7.0, fix build 5 years ago
all-packages.nix Merge pull request #24031 from neeasade/add-xrq 5 years ago
default.nix top-level: Allow nixpkgs to take localSystem directly 5 years ago
dotnet-packages.nix dafny: fix meta attribute 5 years ago
emacs-packages.nix melpa-packages: init w3m at 20170203.647 5 years ago
emscripten-packages.nix libxml2: supportPython -> pythonSupport 6 years ago
haskell-packages.nix Init HaLVM at 2.4.0 5 years ago
impure.nix Allow directories with a default.nix to be imported as an overlay. Closes #23016. 5 years ago
java-packages.nix Complete hello world with test 6 years ago
lua-packages.nix luaPackages.mpack: enable darwin platform 5 years ago
make-tarball.nix make-tarball.nix: Fix running as root 5 years ago
node-packages.json yarn: init at 0.17.8 (#20635) 6 years ago
ocaml-packages.nix ocamlPackages.ppx_deriving_yojson: init at 3.0 5 years ago
perl-packages.nix Merge pull request #23984 from k0ral/nixos-unstable 5 years ago
php-packages.nix phpPackages.redis22: not supported with php >= 7 5 years ago
platforms.nix platforms.nix: Remove unnecessary kernelExtraConfig for ARMv7 5 years ago
python-packages.nix pylibmc: init at 1.5.1; patch by @risicle 5 years ago
release-cross.nix top-level: no more need to expose `splicedPackages` 5 years ago
release-lib.nix nixpkgs: add aarch64-linux to release-lib 5 years ago
release-small.nix portmap: remove 5 years ago
release.nix release.nix: Fix another typo 5 years ago
rust-packages.nix rustRegistry: 2017-02-19 -> 2017-03-13 5 years ago
splice.nix top-level: no more need to expose `splicedPackages` 5 years ago
stage.nix top-level: Only splice as needed for performance 5 years ago