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Vladimír Čunát 3ca0990da1
fetchsvn: fixup name guessing after #23851
6 years ago
agda agda: Remove unused/uneeded abstractions, including `postprocess` 7 years ago
build-dotnet-package build-dotnet-package: add optional makeWrapperArgs argument 7 years ago
build-fhs-userenv Getting rid of the var indirection and using a bin path instead 6 years ago
buildenv buildEnv: build the whole tree of directories to pathsToLink 6 years ago
cc-wrapper stdenv: Bringup aarch64 architecture support 6 years ago
docker dockerTools: rsync contents with -keep-dirlinks 6 years ago
dotnetbuildhelpers Replace hard coded /bin/bash occurrences 6 years ago
dotnetenv Remove executable bits from non-executable files 8 years ago
emacs nixBufferBuilders.withPackages: Fix buffer count logic 6 years ago
fetchadc lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
fetchbower Fix fetchbower to handle SSL origins 6 years ago
fetchbzr nix-prefetch-bzr: match path name to fetchbzr name 7 years ago
fetchcvs build-support: Fix nix-prefetch-* on OS X. 8 years ago
fetchdarcs Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
fetchegg Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
fetchfossil fetchfossil: Don't support MD5. 6 years ago
fetchgit nix-prefetch-git: remove call to non-existent print_metadata command; improve hash mismatch error message. 6 years ago
fetchgitlocal fetchgitlocal: be less chatty 7 years ago
fetchgx fetchgx: fetch dependencies with gx and gx-go 6 years ago
fetchhg Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
fetchmavenartifact fetchMavenArtifact: init (#16825) 6 years ago
fetchmtn lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
fetchnuget fetchnuget: run fixupPhase to honor propagatedBuildInputs 7 years ago
fetchpatch fetchpatch: add addPrefixes argument 6 years ago
fetchsvn fetchsvn: fixup name guessing after #23851 6 years ago
fetchsvnrevision Live builds support: initially for git and svn. taglib_live is packaged as an example. 12 years ago
fetchsvnssh Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
fetchurl Merge pull request #20444 from NeQuissimus/java_packages 6 years ago
fetchzip nix-prefetch-zip: Remove 6 years ago
gcc-cross-wrapper gcc-cross-wrapper: Fix include path 6 years ago
gcc-wrapper-old Replace hard coded /bin/bash occurrences 6 years ago
grsecurity Revert "grsecurity: overrideDerivation -> overrideAttrs" 6 years ago
icon-conv-tools treewide: Add lots of meta.platforms 6 years ago
kde Move kdeWrapper out of kdeFrameworks 6 years ago
kernel make-initrd: create reproducible initrds 6 years ago
libredirect treewide: Add lots of platforms to packages with no meta 6 years ago
make-desktopitem chromium: add StartupWMClass to desktop file. Fixes #12433 7 years ago
mono-dll-fixer treewide: Some EOF-whitespace fixes 6 years ago
nuke-references nuke-references: support -e option 7 years ago
ocaml OCaml modules: make explicit some dependencies to ocamlbuild 6 years ago
release Revert "releaseTools.debBuild: split checkinstall into separate phase" 6 years ago
remove-references-to Add removeReferencesTo for removing specific refs 6 years ago
rust Revert "buildRustPackage: fix deprecated use of registry.index config key" 6 years ago
setup-hooks makeWrapper: quote paths 6 years ago
singularity-tools singularity: init 2.2 6 years ago
substitute Add stdenvNoCC 6 years ago
substitute-files substituteAllFiles: support postInstall 7 years ago
templaterpm Update: new features for nix-template-rpm 8 years ago
upstream-updater Fix #4210: Remove builderDefs 6 years ago
vm build-support/vm: replace sha256 with sha1 6 years ago
build-maven.nix build-maven: use lib.importJSON 7 years ago
build-pecl.nix fix phpPackages memcache,memcached,xdebug 8 years ago
dhall-to-nix.nix Add a `pkgs.dhallToNix` utility 6 years ago
replace-dependency.nix replaceDependency: fix syntax error 6 years ago
trivial-builders.nix linkFarm: prefer local build 6 years ago