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Robin Gloster 9c7b771a6e
rapidsvn: fix build
5 years ago
altcoins litecoin: -> 5 years ago
audio Merge pull request #23829 from sleexyz/bitwig-studio 5 years ago
backup add self to crashplan maintainers 6 years ago
display-managers lightdm_qt: fix build 5 years ago
editors Merge pull request #22508 from matthewbauer/remove-emacs24macport 5 years ago
gis qgis: Fix build after pythonPackages.sip update 5 years ago
graphics Merge pull request #24025 from ndowens/ahoviewer 5 years ago
kde kdelibs: remove sanitize patch 5 years ago
misc Merge pull request #24039 from ebzzry/emem-0.2.43 5 years ago
networking psi-plus: enable plugins 5 years ago
office libreoffice-fresh: -> 5 years ago
science Merge pull request #23376 from bcdarwin/ants 5 years ago
version-management rapidsvn: fix build 5 years ago
video handbrake: 0.10.5 -> 1.0.3 5 years ago
virtualization Merge pull request #23624 from volth/virt-viewer-5.0 5 years ago
window-managers Merge pull request #24042 from romildo/upd.windowmaker 5 years ago