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Robin Gloster 9c7b771a6e
rapidsvn: fix build
5 years ago
applications rapidsvn: fix build 5 years ago
build-support fetchsvn: fixup name guessing after #23851 5 years ago
common-updater maintainers: Add script to patch version/sha256 in .nix files 5 years ago
data iosevka: 1.4.2 -> 1.11.4 5 years ago
desktops Merge pull request #23749 from butterflya/patch-2 5 years ago
development libevdev: 1.4.6 -> 1.5.6 (#23940) 5 years ago
games Merge pull request #23161 from AndersonTorres/freecell-solver 5 years ago
misc Merge pull request #23256 from edanaher/ensime 5 years ago
os-specific Merge pull request #23689 from sh01/hwdata_hashaddr 5 years ago
servers Merge pull request #23686 from nicknovitski/hostsblock 5 years ago
shells Merge pull request #23875 from NeQuissimus/oh-my-zsh_2017-02-27 5 years ago
stdenv stdenv: aarch64: Update bootstrap tarballs 5 years ago
test Remove cruft 6 years ago
tools kdiff3: fix build 5 years ago
top-level Merge pull request #24031 from neeasade/add-xrq 5 years ago