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Silvan Mosberger 643a329a4c
do-agent: init at 3.5.6 (#69186)
3 years ago
config nixos/system-environment: fix syntax for environment variables 3 years ago
hardware hardware.brightnessctl: add brightnessctl to env 3 years ago
i18n/input-method Revert "nixos/doc: re-format" 3 years ago
installer sdImage: add option to enable bzip2 compression 3 years ago
misc Merge staging-next into staging 3 years ago
profiles qemu-guest: allow to override security.rngd 3 years ago
programs Merge pull request #68946 from volth/escape 3 years ago
security Merge pull request #67748 from typetetris/yubico-local-auth 3 years ago
services do-agent: init at 3.5.6 (#69186) 3 years ago
system Merge pull request #68265 from tkerber/rpi4 3 years ago
tasks mkRemovedOptionModule: assert on removed options (#69419) 3 years ago
testing nixos/test: remove the stateVersion statement from the test-instrumentation 3 years ago
virtualisation Merge pull request #69387 from peterhoeg/f/optimise 3 years ago
module-list.nix do-agent: init at 3.5.6 (#69186) 3 years ago
rename.nix nixos/pymks: log to journal 3 years ago