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Profpatsch 61462c94e6 lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
tests Replace `./../*` with `../*` in Nix expressions (#16414) 7 years ago
attrsets.nix lib.chooseDevOutputs: Use lib.getDev 6 years ago
composable-derivation.nix treewide: Make explicit that 'dev' output of curl is used 7 years ago
customisation.nix nixos systemPackages: rework default outputs 7 years ago
debug.nix debug.nix: deprecate strict 7 years ago
default.nix lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
deprecated.nix Update deprecated.nix 7 years ago
fetchers.nix lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
licenses.nix souffle: init at 1.0.0 6 years ago
lists.nix Use builtins.partition if available 6 years ago
maintainers.nix Add myself to maintainers file 6 years ago
meta.nix Make appendToName do the right thing 9 years ago
minver.nix Expose minimum required Nix version. 7 years ago
modules.nix Merge pull request #15025 from ericsagnes/modules/manual 6 years ago
options.nix Revert "Add the tool "nixos-typecheck" that can check an option declaration to:" 7 years ago
platforms.nix lib.platforms: alphabetize 7 years ago
sandbox.nix cherry-pick lib.sandbox into master 7 years ago
sources.nix lib/sources.nix@commitIdFromGitRepo: parenthesize what should always have been 6 years ago
strings-with-deps.nix Replace references to all-packages.nix, by references to the top-level of nixpkgs repository. 7 years ago
strings.nix getVersion: first try drv.version before parsing 6 years ago
systems.nix lib: alphabetize things 7 years ago
tests.nix add helper to lib/attrsets: hasAttrByPath 7 years ago
trivial.nix lib.{warn, info}: add simple helpers 6 years ago
types.nix Use shell packages to select the user's shell 7 years ago