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{ stdenv, fetchurl, ladspaH
stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
pname = "FIL-plugins";
version = "0.3.0";
src = fetchurl {
url = "${pname}-${version}.tar.bz2";
sha256 = "1scfv9j7jrp50r565haa4rvxn1vk2ss86xssl5qgcr8r45qz42qw";
buildInputs = [ ladspaH ];
patchPhase = ''
sed -i 's@/usr/bin/install@install@g' Makefile
sed -i 's@/bin/rm@rm@g' Makefile
sed -i 's@/usr/lib/ladspa@$(out)/lib/ladspa@g' Makefile
preInstall="mkdir -p $out/lib/ladspa";
meta = {
description = ''a four-band parametric equaliser, which has the nice property of being stable even while parameters are being changed'';
longDescription = ''
Each section has an active/bypass switch, frequency, bandwidth and gain controls.
There is also a global bypass switch and gain control.
The 2nd order resonant filters are implemented using a Mitra-Regalia style lattice filter.
All switches and controls are internally smoothed, so they can be used 'live' whithout any clicks or zipper noises.
This should make this plugin a good candidate for use in systems that allow automation of plugin control ports, such as Ardour, or for stage use.
version = "${version}";
homepage =;
license = stdenv.lib.licenses.gpl2Plus;
maintainers = [ stdenv.lib.maintainers.magnetophon ];
platforms = stdenv.lib.platforms.linux;