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worldofpeace 837cc0767d
Merge pull request #70501 from hedning/fix-gnome-session-env-setup
2 years ago
deepin deepin.deepin-terminal: fix build 2 years ago
enlightenment enlightenment.enlightenment: 0.23.0 -> 0.23.1 2 years ago
gnome-2 tree-wide: s/GTK+/GTK/g 2 years ago
gnome-3 gnome3.gnome-session: always run /etc/set-environment on startup 2 years ago
gnustep treewide: remove redundant rec 2 years ago
lumina lumina.lumina-pdf: init at 2019-04-27 3 years ago
lxde/core tree-wide: s/GTK+/GTK/g 2 years ago
lxqt lxqt.lxqt-archiver: 2019-09-15 -> 2019-09-25 2 years ago
mate mate.python-caja: 1.22.0 -> 1.22.1 2 years ago
maxx gdk-pixbuf: rename from gdk_pixbuf 2 years ago
pantheon nixos/pantheon: add elementary-default-settings for services 2 years ago
plasma-5 Merge pull request #70140 from matthewbauer/fix-68316 2 years ago
rox/rox-filer rox-filer: link with lib{dl,m} explicitly 3 years ago
surf-display treewide: don't use single quotes with placeholder 2 years ago
xfce tree-wide: s/GTK+/GTK/g 2 years ago
xfce4-14 xfce4-14.xfce4-terminal: fix build with updated vte 2 years ago