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# DocBook Configuration file for "xmlformat"
# see
# 10 Sept. 2004
# Only block elements
ackno address appendix article biblioentry bibliography bibliomixed \
biblioset blockquote book bridgehead callout calloutlist caption caution \
chapter chapterinfo classsynopsis cmdsynopsis colophon constraintdef \
constructorsynopsis dedication destructorsynopsis entry epigraph equation example \
figure formalpara funcsynopsis glossary glossdef glossdiv glossentry glosslist \
glosssee glossseealso graphic graphicco highlights imageobjectco important \
index indexdiv indexentry indexinfo info informalequation informalexample \
informalfigure informaltable legalnotice literallayout lot lotentry mediaobject \
mediaobjectco msgmain msgset note orderedlist para part preface primaryie \
procedure qandadiv qandaentry qandaset refentry refentrytitle reference \
refnamediv refsect1 refsect2 refsect3 refsection revhistory screenshot sect1 \
sect2 sect3 sect4 sect5 section seglistitem set setindex sidebar simpara \
simplesect step substeps synopfragment synopsis table term title \
toc variablelist varlistentry warning itemizedlist listitem \
footnote colspec partintro row simplelist subtitle tbody tgroup thead tip
format block
normalize no
#appendix bibliography chapter glossary preface reference
# element-break 3
sect1 section
element-break 2
para abstract
format block
entry-break 1
exit-break 1
normalize yes
format block
normalize = yes
entry-break = 0
exit-break = 0
# Inline elements
abbrev accel acronym action application citation citebiblioid citerefentry citetitle \
classname co code command computeroutput constant country database date email emphasis \
envar errorcode errorname errortext errortype exceptionname fax filename \
firstname firstterm footnoteref foreignphrase funcdef funcparams function \
glossterm group guibutton guiicon guilabel guimenu guimenuitem guisubmenu \
hardware holder honorific indexterm inlineequation inlinegraphic inlinemediaobject \
interface interfacename \
keycap keycode keycombo keysym lineage link literal manvolnum markup medialabel \
menuchoice methodname methodparam modifier mousebutton olink ooclass ooexception \
oointerface option optional otheraddr othername package paramdef parameter personname \
phrase pob postcode productname prompt property quote refpurpose replaceable \
returnvalue revnumber sgmltag state street structfield structname subscript \
superscript surname symbol systemitem token trademark type ulink userinput \
uri varargs varname void wordasword xref year mathphrase member tag
format inline
programlisting screen
format verbatim
entry-break = 0
exit-break = 0
# This is needed so that the spacing inside those tags is kept.
term cmdsynopsis arg
normalize yes
format block