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Doron Behar 922de4f4b5 luaPackages.pulseaudio: init at 0.1 3 years ago
all-tarballs.nix pkgs/top-level/release.nix: Don't require Darwin to be supported 4 years ago Revert "Revert "Convert maintainer file entries to attributes, add github handles"" 4 years ago Fix 3 years ago patch-tracker is long-since dead, fix to use sources? 4 years ago fix spelling 7 years ago
eval-release.nix Fix references to pkgs/lib 9 years ago increase nix-instantiate heap size to 2GB 3 years ago get hashes from metadata 3 years ago
find-tarballs.nix Fix 3 years ago maintainer scripts: fix hydra-eval-failures script 3 years ago
hydra_eval_check cygwin: stdenv 7 years ago
luarocks-config.lua luarocks-nix: bump to 2019-09-07 3 years ago
luarocks-packages.csv luaPackages.pulseaudio: init at 0.1 3 years ago
nix-call-package Be less location-dependent 6 years ago maintainer script: update usage message for new flags 5 years ago
nix-generate-from-cpan.nix treewide: remove aliases evaluated to `null` 3 years ago nix-generate-from-cpan: strip leading v from versions 3 years ago
nixpkgs-lint.nix treewide: use dontUnpack 3 years ago use nix-shell for shebang 4 years ago rename occurrences of cc.gcc to 7 years ago add --print option (PR #33693) 4 years ago update-channel-branches: fix to work with posix /bin/sh 7 years ago
update-discord discord-{ptb,canary}: init; add `update-discord` 3 years ago
update-luarocks-packages update-luarocks-packages: reference only 1 server 3 years ago
update-luarocks-shell.nix update-luarocks: Use containing nixpkgs, ensure Lua drvs exist 3 years ago
update-python-libraries fix update-python-libraries 3 years ago
update-ruby-packages ruby.withPackages: init 3 years ago
update.nix maintainers/scripts/update.nix: Clean up 3 years ago update.nix: Run update scripts in parallel 4 years ago
vanity-manual-equalities.txt Update vanity to add more special characters. 7 years ago meta: fix fallout from #36275 4 years ago