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Cray Elliott 169d5698a9 monotone: fix build against pcre 8.42 4 years ago
applications monotone: fix build against pcre 8.42 4 years ago
build-support Revert "Merge #44221: default for NIX_CXXSTDLIB_COMPILE" 4 years ago
common-updater common-updater: support updating source URL 5 years ago
data ia-writer-duospace: init at 20180721 (#43937) 4 years ago
desktops xfce4-13.xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: init at 2.2.0 (#44317) 4 years ago
development unixODBCDrivers.msodbcsql17: init at (#44140) 4 years ago
games Merge pull request #43080 from mnacamura/cdda 4 years ago
misc Merge pull request #44283 from kalbasit/nixpkgs-fix-44282 4 years ago
os-specific Merge pull request #43637 from qolii/hardkernel_update_and_defconfig 4 years ago
servers freeradius: add rest module and multiple outputs 4 years ago
shells oh-my-zsh: 2018-04-25 -> 2018-07-29 4 years ago
stdenv Merge master into staging-next 4 years ago
test pkgs/tests: Add test for LD_LIBRARY_PATH 4 years ago
tools coreutils: unix-only 4 years ago
top-level 4 years ago