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Matthew Bauer 124d47c65a meta: fix fallout from #36275 4 years ago
all-tarballs.nix all-tarballs: fixup evaluation (and the tarball job) 5 years ago Revert "Revert "Convert maintainer file entries to attributes, add github handles"" 4 years ago Fix 5 years ago patch-tracker is long-since dead, fix to use sources? 5 years ago fix spelling 7 years ago
eval-release.nix Qt5: 5.9.3 -> 5.10.0 5 years ago
find-tarballs.nix Use substituters to obtain tarballs 6 years ago meta: fix fallout from #36275 4 years ago
nix-call-package Be less location-dependent 6 years ago maintainer script: update usage message for new flags 5 years ago
nix-generate-from-cpan.nix nix-generate-from-cpan: fix core module detection 6 years ago nix-generate-from-cpan: clean up build inputs 6 years ago
nixpkgs-lint.nix treewide: Add lots of meta.platforms 6 years ago add --print option (PR #33693) 5 years ago
update-python-libraries Python: fix update script for nix 2.0 4 years ago
update.nix meta: fix fallout from #36275 4 years ago
vanity-manual-equalities.txt meta: fix fallout from #36275 4 years ago