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Benjamin Staffin d9123a2329 lib: fix mixed tab/space indents, trailing whitespace, etc 6 years ago
Tuomas Tynkkynen e28e010b36 treewide: Make explicit that 'dev' output of curl is used 7 years ago
Marc Weber 31fc4c6aa4 Shea told me composableDerivation is hard to understand. 9 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 5fef92c4a0 Move pkgs/lib/ to lib/ 9 years ago
Marc Weber d3341315bd adding gis system grass (graphviz 3d is not supported yet) 13 years ago
Marc Weber b56ed35851 replacing applyAndFun by lib.defaultOverridableDelayableArgs 14 years ago
Marc Weber 51289a41b0 adjust packages to overridableDelayableArgs 14 years ago
Nicolas Pierron aa27e34a2e Remove python reference from comment. 14 years ago
Nicolas Pierron a130392234 Suggest nice/readable example first for composableDerivation. 14 years ago
Marc Weber e996113be7 removed mkDerivationByConfiguration, using composableDerivation instead 14 years ago