11 Commits (d6f586bbffbc84e299302e9abec41317f2e82eaf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Vladimír Čunát f306e67e15 kde5: move files around to simplify merge 7 years ago
Thomas Tuegel 98d8e1a160 kde5: consolidate packages into desktops/kde-5 7 years ago
Thomas Tuegel 7a180b7706 gitignore: pkgs/development/libraries/qt-5/*/tmp/ 8 years ago
Thomas Tuegel 042e4ad633 qt5split: add split submodule build of Qt 5.3 8 years ago
Thomas Tuegel 05e5bd4e3a gitignore: ignore autonix tmp files 8 years ago
Daniel Peebles a1d4f7cdd5 Add .DS_Store to gitignore so we Mac users don't accidentally pollute nixpkgs with ugliness 8 years ago
Florian Friesdorf ffe12f82ce gitignore: result-* and make absolute doc ignores 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 95c98166ec Merge .gitignore files 9 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 5c1f8cbc70 Move all of NixOS to nixos/ in preparation of the repository merge 9 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 629daa2102 Rewrite the CPAN generator to Perl 9 years ago
Shea Levy 0866ec1aa7 Add the nix-build `result' symlink and cpan files to gitignore 10 years ago
Shea Levy e89afd7d89 Ignore .version-suffix file created by nixos-rebuild 10 years ago
Michael Raskin 6b6a23c1aa Tell git to ignore .*.swp - Vim swap files 10 years ago
Ludovic Courtès 50d9f2300a add `.gitignore' 10 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 13c690b721 Add a .gitignore 10 years ago