173 Commits (9c7b771a6e2cd72e2285d8402a7c15fd21a94347)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Profpatsch 21cdf340db pythonPackages: use a more direct mirror (#22833) 6 years ago
Tim Steinbach 8a7a44c918
javaPackages: Use artifactId/groupId 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 11621b9ec0
samba: Fix URL 6 years ago
Vladimír Čunát a652099c46
fetchurl: change to grep -E to fix #8561 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra e3a873479e
Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
Tim Steinbach d849c0e2e1
Build support 6 years ago
Michael Raskin f603dc11a6 fetch*: print a trace warning about md5 deprecation 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra ac03df96ba openssl: 1.0.1t -> 1.0.1u, 1.0.2h -> 1.0.2i, 1.1.0 -> 1.1.0a 6 years ago
Profpatsch 61462c94e6 lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
cmfwyp eb6f576ffd fetchurl: update Savannah mirrors 6 years ago
cmfwyp 37c83ca3a2
sage: update mirrors 6 years ago
J Phani Mahesh c4fa18b7a2 mirrors: add downloads.sourceforge.net 6 years ago
Vladimír Čunát af364c0f77 fetchurl mirrors: fix gnupg URLs 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra cb37ab146b Add mirror://mozilla scheme 6 years ago
Frederik Rietdijk d5e6a4494a Python: use PyPI mirror (#15001) 6 years ago
Domen Kožar 0f9268e52c fetchurl: assert required Nix version for sha512 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 3ecbe604ef fetchurl: Support SHA-512 hashes 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra e6f61b4cf3 fetchurlBoot: Use Nix's builtin fetchurl function 7 years ago
Tony White 4806cddda3 fetchurl: use kernel.org cdn by default 7 years ago
Nikolay Amiantov 9525abdeec steamPackages.runtime: use mirrors, add my mirror 7 years ago
Scott Olson 43a523526d Require at least one of url or urls in fetchurl. 7 years ago
Scott Olson 9cf93ba135 Simplify fetchurl assertion logic. 7 years ago
Domen Kožar c7383cb34b fetchurl: support executables 7 years ago
Eelco Dolstra bb672805cd fetchurl: Always use tarballs.nixos.org 7 years ago
Peter Simons 65f3932f6e Update list of gnupg.org mirror sites. 7 years ago
Nikolay Amiantov 287f99bada r-modules: use HTTPS, allow passing args from generated set, use MRAN 7 years ago
Jude Taylor 131e831cb9 allow networking by default and remove it from derivations 7 years ago
Jude Taylor df80090d09 use per-derivation sandbox profiles 7 years ago
Jude Taylor 914e9baefe start on sandbox stuff 7 years ago
ts468 db25ece3c8 fetchurl/builder.sh: style fix, close #10260 7 years ago
宋文武 9e2df43e2e mirrors: add httpredir.debian.org as the first debian mirror 7 years ago
Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 5385a0a82a cassandra: use mirrors 7 years ago
John Chee b80a497b85 mirrors: more imagemagick mirrors (close #8695) 7 years ago
Peter Simons bb42c215e2 R: improve support for CRAN and Bioconductor package sets 7 years ago
Jeffrey David Johnson 93a742fd28 R: add support for Bioconductor packages 7 years ago
Vladimír Čunát 6c382151fb imagemagick: remove mirrors that don't work 7 years ago
Pascal Wittmann 9aa07ac846 sourceforge: remove unreachable mirrors 7 years ago
Mateusz Kowalczyk 330758e788 cran: remove bad mirror 7 years ago
Jan Malakhovski bdf32ed2ab fetchurl: allow adding meta info; fetchFrom*: add meta.homepage 7 years ago
Ryan Mulligan 93f1029b0f Get rid of fetchurlGnome 7 years ago
Vladimír Čunát c00d36f6c1 fetchurl: fix typo from 105154afed pushed today 8 years ago
Vladimír Čunát 105154afed fetchurl: build the mirror list locally 8 years ago
Nikolay Amiantov 621d1ab444 R: update mirrors 8 years ago
Florian Friesdorf e82e14ef60 mirrors: move more reliable postgresql mirror up 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 3786f08d25 Add Fedora 21 8 years ago
Edward Tjörnhammar 33a8a51657 fetchurl: collate samba project urls into a mirror 8 years ago
Domen Kožar ee74e1a055 solr: 4.10.2 -> 4.10.3, CVE-2014-3628 8 years ago
Charles Strahan e4bf6c3f17 gpgme: use different mirror 8 years ago
Franz Pletz 07e1566b7d fetchurl: add mirrors for OpenBSD (close #5551) 8 years ago
vi 0c49b2942e Added mirrors for MySQL. 8 years ago