28 Commits (9c7b771a6e2cd72e2285d8402a7c15fd21a94347)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Eelco Dolstra e3a873479e
Remove fetchMD5warn 6 years ago
Michael Raskin f603dc11a6 fetch*: print a trace warning about md5 deprecation 6 years ago
Profpatsch 61462c94e6 lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
Benjamin Staffin fc85f1beed nix-prefetch-hg: Various bash style improvements, fixes #9511 7 years ago
Juho Östman e7a28447ea fetchhg: fixed nix-prefetch-hg interpreter 7 years ago
Robert Scott 366da9e70f fetchhg: add option to fetch hg subrepos 7 years ago
Edward Tjörnhammar 4256ab778a fetchhg: pass proxyvars to hg 7 years ago
aszlig 5e7a1cf955
build-support: Fix nix-prefetch-* on OS X. 8 years ago
aszlig f83af95f8a
build-support: Use mktemp -d in nix-prefetch-*. 8 years ago
Benno Fünfstück e10001042d fetchbzr, fetchdarcs, fetchhg: use `rev` attr 8 years ago
Benno Fünfstück 063efadd69 nix-prefetch-{bzr,hg,svn}: print fetched revision 8 years ago
Rob Vermaas a089dbfe8a Fix regression in fetchhg. 8 years ago
Rob Vermaas ea23ea00e4 Make fetchhg do the same as nix-prefetch-hg, use hg archive. Fixes #2781. 8 years ago
Jack Cummings 83e45309fd fetchhg: allow untrusted certs (merge #540) 9 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 84779a6f7d Remove unnecessary parentheses around if conditions 10 years ago
Lluis Batlle ba47bf7258 fetchhg: removing the nix dependency 10 years ago
Rob Vermaas 080c0b2f38 prefer local builds for fetchhg 11 years ago
Rob Vermaas 66b4a5a009 revert previous commit, i'm not awake... 11 years ago
Rob Vermaas 1ef78f94eb make sure fetchhg always produces same output for same revision 11 years ago
Rob Vermaas 9d3e13f7f3 remove .hg-archival.txt from nix-prefetch-hg result 11 years ago
Rob Vermaas d7ac5cd014 nix-prefetch-hg: if url is local file, do not make clone, but run hg archive on it 12 years ago
Rob Vermaas 3756e6021a use same name as nix-prefetch-hg for derivation 12 years ago
Rob Vermaas 15cb365b1d make nix-prefetch-hg executable 12 years ago
Lluís Batlle i Rossell 0530f43655 Updating go, and making the go expression work in both i686-linux and x86_64-linux. 12 years ago
Rob Vermaas 13417770a3 applying patches provided by griswold 13 years ago
Nicolas Pierron c8cb5210fb * Add a fetchhg builder to checkout mercurial repositories. 13 years ago
Marc Weber 04bd6b0607 commented out avrdude which is using unstable lib functions, 15 years ago