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Domen Kožar dd5d308e3a
README: add open collective badge 3 years ago
angristan f08c8781fa README: 18.09 -> 19.03 4 years ago
Matthew Bauer 5e9f452385 doc/reviewing-contributions: pull-requests -> pull requests 4 years ago
Yegor Timoshenko ef54c618dc
COPYING: move notice to 4 years ago
Samuel Dionne-Riel 29b479eb72 README: 18.03 -> 18.09 4 years ago
Ryan Mulligan 5c5baaf17d treewide: remove mailing list references 4 years ago
Matthew Harm Bekkema a6c7132abc doc: change git:// links to https:// (#44395) 4 years ago
Christopher Birkbeck af4448ef4d Add link to the new discourse forum (#44334) 4 years ago
Vladimír Čunát a308118d64
README: 17.09 -> 18.03 5 years ago
Michael Weiss 2b7a6e31fd README: Use HTTPS for all hyperlinks 5 years ago
Michael Weiss a04e8c8991 Remove the Travis build status image from the README 5 years ago
Danylo Hlynskyi 2c21f3deeb reincarnate wiki (#30243) 5 years ago
zraexy d04790c9e8 docs: 17.03 -> 17.09 5 years ago
Domen Kožar d03178aae3
Point to the new mailing list by replacing the old link 5 years ago
Robin Gloster 80c916b6ce
docs: 16.09 -> 17.03 6 years ago
Tim Steinbach da449e6bd5 README: Update to 16.09 6 years ago
Arseniy Seroka 912e26bf75 Remove not working badges 6 years ago
Domen Kožar 99bfa00bf6 add code triagers badge 6 years ago
Langston Barrett 411bd972ab readme: add wiki deprecation notice (#16925) 6 years ago
Tim Steinbach bb125c7936 README: 15.09 -> 16.03 7 years ago
Louis Taylor ed43a60bd5 Set issuestats badges to flat style 7 years ago
Vladimír Čunát bd33a41493 README: drop 14.12 references 7 years ago
Daniel Peebles ce12ce1488 Whoops, revert my last change 7 years ago
Daniel Peebles 2c40f8bb8a Update the logo to match front page of 7 years ago
somaticweb 6ce39af202 add nix wiki link (close #10684) 7 years ago
Domen Kožar f99fbfd1dd README: 14.12 -> 15.09 7 years ago
Benjamin Staffin 8ddc086c35 Add hydra links for upcoming 15.09 release 7 years ago
Arseniy Seroka 0654e658cd remove graph, it doesn't work properly 8 years ago
Spencer Whitt 7aeab54129 Readme: Minor grammatical tweaks 8 years ago
Peter Simons 01945507c5 add line breaks to make the file readable outside of Github 8 years ago
Florian Friesdorf dfbd1ddb8b more details for nixpkgs-channels 8 years ago
Florian Friesdorf 1b76e29552 add info about nixpkgs-channels repo 8 years ago
Arseniy Seroka 14d156067a add: logo 8 years ago
Arseniy Seroka 59695b18f0 add: Throughput Graph 8 years ago
Arseniy Seroka b37fc8a52a add statuses to nixpkgs 8 years ago
Domen Kožar 5a3a3c5e8f fix mailinglist link 8 years ago
Domen Kožar f3e94514d3 typo 8 years ago
Domen Kožar 480c43232d README: include 14.12 links 8 years ago
Domen Kožar 48a282b913 -> 8 years ago
Pascal Wittmann ae6b1ce66d Fixed link to installation instructions in README 9 years ago
Pascal Wittmann 50c4291251 Fixed link to the installation instructions 9 years ago
Domen Kožar b73b4bfd61 Update 9 years ago
Domen Kožar 97b519a515 add most basic 9 years ago