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Jaakko Luttinen 8b51ee3667
nbstripout: 0.3.1 -> 0.3.6 3 years ago
Andreas Rammhold 4e60699fa7
Merge pull request #67858 from flokli/local-fs-target-services 3 years ago
John Ericson 170e021224
Merge pull request #67921 from Ericson2314/js-unknown-ghcjs 3 years ago
Marek Mahut 0a8e54d1c6
Merge pull request #67871 from prusnak/pytest-random-order 3 years ago
John Ericson c2b34b2b57 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into js-unknown-ghcjs 3 years ago
John Ericson a77a2cfe4a lib: Further clean up systems list 3 years ago
John Ericson d2d107c4de
Merge pull request #67920 from Ericson2314/feature/js-unknown-ghcjs 3 years ago
John Ericson f57fe63d5f Merge lib sort into feature/js-unknown-ghcjs 3 years ago
John Ericson 3d8cf08706 lib: Sort platform predicates 3 years ago
John Ericson c33d80c071 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feature/js-unknown-ghcjs 3 years ago
Moritz Angermann 446f8c851d Add support for `js-unknown-ghcjs` 3 years ago
worldofpeace 2baa9e74c4
Merge pull request #67732 from lightbulbjim/freecad-wayland 3 years ago
worldofpeace 58eb9a2ebd
Merge pull request #67752 from omniitgmbh/python_phonenumbers 3 years ago
Tristan Helmich (omniIT) 10d0ab20ff pythonPackages.phonenumbers: 8.10.16 -> 8.10.17 3 years ago
Marek Mahut 03c496cb8b
Merge pull request #67891 from jb55/clightning-0.7.2 3 years ago
Andreas Wiese 8ba94a8fe8 grub2: 2.04-rc1 -> 2.04 (#67622) 3 years ago
worldofpeace 74b42e28b9
Merge pull request #67915 from worldofpeace/pantheon-onboard 3 years ago
worldofpeace b1326ffc81 nixos/pantheon: add onboard 3 years ago
worldofpeace 81a1bd6cfd pantheon.switchboard-plug-a11y: hardcode path to onboard-settings 3 years ago
worldofpeace 5c04758bf7 pantheon.elementary-session-settings: add onboard autostart 3 years ago
worldofpeace 896da41892 onboard: cleanups 3 years ago
worldofpeace 5f07745f09
light-locker: wrapGAppsHook to nativeBuildInputs 3 years ago
Dylan Simon 363292b7c0 fetchurlBoot: remove cycles introduced by openssl_1_1 -> coreutils (#67784) 3 years ago
Dima a88976d222 pythonPackages.uvloop: 0.12.2 -> 0.13.0 (#67735) 3 years ago
Samuel Dionne-Riel 8a530a0bab
Merge pull request #67895 from lopsided98/sd-image-clone-config 3 years ago
worldofpeace 9b13731b72
Merge pull request #67522 from worldofpeace/gnome3/harmonize-defaults 3 years ago
worldofpeace 266db0820e rl-1909: note changes to gnome3 defaults 3 years ago
worldofpeace acced1a381 rl-1909: note gnome3 profile style options 3 years ago
adisbladis 9db42e19ff
Merge pull request #67355 from adisbladis/xterm-de-disable 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch ad70c1ca54
Merge pull request #67904 from sigma/pr/govmomi-0.21.0 3 years ago
adisbladis f140dfb161
nixos/desktop-managers/xterm: Disable by default 3 years ago
Yann Hodique 94387290a3 govc: 0.20.0 -> 0.21.0 3 years ago
adisbladis c2fc61c5f7
Merge pull request #67872 from LnL7/minio-client 3 years ago
adisbladis a36b2925a5
Merge pull request #67892 from jb55/altcoins-note 3 years ago
Austin Seipp ea34c61c0f
nextpnr: restrict to Linux only 3 years ago
Emily f9333358e1 sdcc: extend platforms 3 years ago
Emily 2450e41497 trellis: 2019.08.09 -> 2019.09.01 3 years ago
Emily 5eb237659c pythonPackages.gcutil: remove per TODO 3 years ago
Emily cb5b674b58 {glasgow,libfx2}: init at 2018-{09-01,08-27} 3 years ago
Emily 321efae699 python3Packages.nmigen{,-boards}: init at unstable-2019-08-{31,30} 3 years ago
Emily cd4cba3e88 nextpnr: 2019.08.21 -> 2019.08.31 3 years ago
Emily d1dfaa79e3 symbiyosys: fix path to bash (again) 3 years ago
Emily 89ff2c7b9d yosys: 2019.08.22 -> 2019.09.01 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch d8d759bb90
Merge pull request #67877 from WilliButz/fix/67874 3 years ago
adisbladis 8c76f185bc
Merge pull request #64595 from 0x4A6F/master-tacacs+ 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch 9428d75536
Merge pull request #67879 from StillerHarpo/lolcat 3 years ago
adisbladis 80bda49332
emacs-packages: Drop remnants of manually created packages 3 years ago
adisbladis 704e8c5023
emacs-packages.tramp: 2.3.0 -> 2.4.2 3 years ago
adisbladis 5d63bdb3b3
emacs-packages.helm-words: 20150413 -> 20190917 3 years ago
adisbladis 2c142705df
emacs-packages.emacsClangCompleteAsync: Drop manually created package 3 years ago