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12 Commits (61462c94e630cdfc6553eb9b0a0b0ad4f85f0b7a)

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Profpatsch 61462c94e6 lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 6 years ago
Robert Scott 366da9e70f fetchhg: add option to fetch hg subrepos 8 years ago
Edward Tjörnhammar 4256ab778a fetchhg: pass proxyvars to hg 8 years ago
Benno Fünfstück e10001042d fetchbzr, fetchdarcs, fetchhg: use `rev` attr 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 84779a6f7d Remove unnecessary parentheses around if conditions 10 years ago
Lluis Batlle ba47bf7258 fetchhg: removing the nix dependency 10 years ago
Rob Vermaas 080c0b2f38 prefer local builds for fetchhg 11 years ago
Rob Vermaas 3756e6021a use same name as nix-prefetch-hg for derivation 12 years ago
Lluís Batlle i Rossell 0530f43655 Updating go, and making the go expression work in both i686-linux and x86_64-linux. 12 years ago
Nicolas Pierron c8cb5210fb * Add a fetchhg builder to checkout mercurial repositories. 13 years ago
Marc Weber 04bd6b0607 commented out avrdude which is using unstable lib functions, 15 years ago
Andres Löh 70c36821c6 * updated darcs to 1.0.5, added curl dependency 17 years ago
Eelco Dolstra ba20e223f1 * Use a hash over the entire SVN exported tree. 18 years ago
Eelco Dolstra fa88e75c45 * Use fixed-output hashes in fetchsvn. 18 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 5c847a370a * `fetchsvn' now requires the MD5 hash (as computed by `nix-hash') of 19 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 12ae5363ea * Remove trivial builders. 19 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 003ce6c40d * A function to fetch sources from a Subversion repository. 19 years ago