193475 Commits (5667484b642f87144ca975e1b96b1eab3771a4b5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Bjørn Forsman 5667484b64 ntopng: mark as broken 3 years ago
Alex Whitt f01224374d nixos/jenkins: Copy plugins as .jpi to fix initialization errors 3 years ago
ysander 84d4243ccc solaar: track latest release and set correct repo owner 3 years ago
Antoine R. Dumont (@ardumont) 35fe50352f nixos/minidlna: Allow more configuration options 3 years ago
worldofpeace 446dd2543d scribusUnstable: drop harfbuzz 3 years ago
worldofpeace ac3741a2d2
Merge pull request #68623 from aanderse/zhf/valum 3 years ago
worldofpeace 41ac894ccc
Merge pull request #68274 from lightdiscord/packages/protonmail-bridge-update-1-2-2-1 3 years ago
worldofpeace 2fe6173cc6
Merge pull request #68455 from rvolosatovs/update/git-lfs 3 years ago
worldofpeace 47dc30c10c
Merge pull request #68756 from dtzWill/update/libmicrodns-0.1.0 3 years ago
worldofpeace fef262cd92
Merge pull request #68893 from sikmir/qt5ct 3 years ago
worldofpeace 7d16370c63
Merge pull request #68873 from lattfein/appimage-tools-libatspi 3 years ago
worldofpeace 85e65ff7f0
Merge pull request #68976 from davidtwco/franz-5.3.3 3 years ago
worldofpeace 0c9fab9398
Merge pull request #68941 from Ma27/bump-evcxr 3 years ago
David Wood d73ccc66e1
franz: 5.3.2 -> 5.3.3 3 years ago
Jörg Thalheim b0d5098035
helmfile: 0.79.3 -> 0.85.0 (#68943) 3 years ago
worldofpeace d2149d1ebe
Merge pull request #68969 from romildo/upd.mate 3 years ago
José Romildo Malaquias 36daaa7c67 mate.atril: 1.22.1 -> 1.22.2 3 years ago
worldofpeace 83686eb1fb
Merge pull request #68728 from d-goldin/fix_setools_build 3 years ago
worldofpeace 8f3421ec34
Merge pull request #68405 from leenaars/blink320 3 years ago
worldofpeace 280386382e
Merge pull request #68727 from d-goldin/fix_networkx_missing_dep 3 years ago
worldofpeace 73d39d5db3
Merge pull request #68881 from fgaz/sfxr-qt/setuptools 3 years ago
worldofpeace bd387439ea
Merge pull request #68917 from dtzWill/feature/cpustat 3 years ago
José Romildo Malaquias e589f08b3b
Merge pull request #68860 from romildo/upd.qogir-icon-theme 3 years ago
José Romildo Malaquias 0d55837a9c
Merge pull request #68797 from romildo/upd.materia-theme 3 years ago
worldofpeace 40ba2e91b8
Merge pull request #68956 from marius851000/protonvpn 3 years ago
marius851000 f924dc9f99 protonvpn-cli: fix missing runtime dependancies 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch 8ba3a555e6
Merge pull request #68948 from grahamc/alacritty-xdg-open 3 years ago
Elis Hirwing c45bf10e9f
Merge pull request #68891 from aanderse/moodle 3 years ago
Will Dietz d0c6414938
cpustat: newlines between (most) attributes 3 years ago
Peter Hoeg fbd23c6f1a
Merge pull request #68877 from peterhoeg/u/mqtt 3 years ago
Malo Bourgon 279d51e585
nodePackages.serverless: init at 1.52.0 3 years ago
Malo Bourgon 00f6c93f83
nodePackages: update 3 years ago
Graham Christensen 21dd0207b2
alacritty: fix path to xdg-open 3 years ago
Aaron Andersen d1ba913ddd
Merge pull request #68922 from davidtwco/starship-0.17.0 3 years ago
worldofpeace 7bbce4af57
Merge pull request #68535 from craigem/add_libsnark_builddep_to_zcash 3 years ago
Mario Rodas e8c29fa77c
update-python-libraries: use version key for latest release (#68857) 3 years ago
Léo Gaspard a02303f91e
Merge pull request #62904 from symphorien/os-prober-test 3 years ago
Léo Gaspard ffaf2661fb
Merge branch 'master' into os-prober-test 3 years ago
Roman Volosatovs 4fee6bee73
helmfile: 0.79.3 -> 0.85.0 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch fd778c6b7a
Merge pull request #68607 from wizeman/u/upd-todoist 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch 3161b0319b
todoist: fix gomod hash 3 years ago
Maximilian Bosch af564fbd8a
evcxr: 0.4.4 -> 0.4.5 3 years ago
Will Dietz b3eafc6320
Merge pull request #68905 from dtzWill/update/elfinfo-0.7.6 3 years ago
Peter Simons a41a49aa64 shotcut: fix bogus path to ffmpeg binary 3 years ago
Marek Mahut 55eacf5a5c
Merge pull request #62808 from dtzWill/feature/minder-1.3.1 3 years ago
Tim Steinbach 921071da08
linux: Add 5.3, linux-libre: 16791 -> 16794 3 years ago
Tim Steinbach ef13578aac
linux: 5.2.14 -> 5.2.15 3 years ago
Tim Steinbach 9ea89fd6c7
linux: 4.9.192 -> 4.9.193 3 years ago
Tim Steinbach f282e78e4b
linux: 4.4.192 -> 4.4.193 3 years ago
Tim Steinbach 572785b869
linux: 4.19.72 -> 4.19.73 3 years ago