10 Commits (46420bbaa3f8f79ce7b9ee68e98eba1f7bce2db6)

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volth 46420bbaa3 treewide: name -> pname (easy cases) (#66585) 3 years ago
Piotr Bogdan f66be0a6c7 eq10q: fix build with glibc 2.27 4 years ago
John Ericson 531e4b80c9 misc pkgs: Basic sed to get fix `pkgconfig` and `autoreconfHook` `buildInputs` 5 years ago
Bart Brouns 082563fe9e eq10q: 2.1 -> 2.2 5 years ago
Bart Brouns d4b6b1c108 eq10q: 2.0 -> 2.1 6 years ago
Kirill Boltaev bccd75094f treewide: explicitly specify gtk and related package versions 6 years ago
Bart Brouns f6529d9640 eq10q: 2.0-beta7 -> 2.0 (#17041) 6 years ago
zimbatm 69ce5cb656 use the sourceforge mirrors everywhere 7 years ago
Vladimír Čunát 88c9f8b574 xlibs: replace occurrences by xorg 7 years ago
Bart Brouns 7ad53157e0 add eq10q: LV2 EQ plugins and more, with 64 bit processing 7 years ago