4 Commits (46420bbaa3f8f79ce7b9ee68e98eba1f7bce2db6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
volth 46420bbaa3 treewide: name -> pname (easy cases) (#66585) 3 years ago
aszlig 6fe989eaed
nixos/tests/acme: Use exact match in TOS location 3 years ago
volth 92b3e8f147 fix build with allowAliases=false 4 years ago
aszlig 7b87554ca1
nixos/tests/letsencrypt: Hardcode certs and keys 4 years ago
aszlig c21b1ede95
nixos/tests/letsencrypt: Fix go source install 4 years ago
aszlig 0c7c1660f7
nixos/tests/letsencrypt: Don't substitute certs 4 years ago
xeji 642bed4b3e
nixos/tests/acme: fix on i686, improve timing (#40410) 4 years ago
Sarah Brofeldt df3706c47c nixos/tests/acme: use mail-test-srv tls certs from source 4 years ago
Sarah Brofeldt bd35580860 nixos/tests/acme: go compat update, unvendor pkcs11 4 years ago
Franz Pletz 00056e76d0
nixos/tests/acme: update terms of service to fix test 5 years ago
aszlig bda38317eb
nixos/tests/letsencrypt: Fix nginx options 5 years ago
aszlig b3162a1074
nixos/tests: Add common modules for letsencrypt 5 years ago