8 Commits (2b05a35e08a4ff732f037b67ade05c063ef0c5ce)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Cray Elliott eca1f53a52 reposurgeon: 3.28 -> 3.44 3 years ago
volth 52f53c69ce pkgs/*: remove unreferenced function arguments 3 years ago
Matthew Bauer 76999cc40e treewide: remove aliases in nixpkgs 3 years ago
Silvan Mosberger f5fa5fa4d6 pkgs: refactor needless quoting of homepage meta attribute (#27809) 4 years ago
Frederik Rietdijk 11d1fdfd8b Remove top-level cython and cython3 5 years ago
Nikolay Amiantov ab0a0c004e makeSearchPathOutputs: refactor to makeSearchPathOutput 6 years ago
Nikolay Amiantov 8b7ebaffeb replace makeSearchPath tree-wise to take care of possible multiple outputs 6 years ago
Daniel Fox Franke 686fec3ce7 reposurgeon: init at 3.28 6 years ago