9 Commits (2b05a35e08a4ff732f037b67ade05c063ef0c5ce)

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volth 7bb6b373ab treewide: name -> pname (#67513) 2 years ago
Ryan Mulligan 09c5762469 rabbitvcs: 0.16 -> 0.17.1 4 years ago
Vincent Laporte 66a0ac9358
pythonPackages.rabbitvcs: disable tests 4 years ago
Kirill Boltaev bccd75094f treewide: explicitly specify gtk and related package versions 5 years ago
Frederik Rietdijk 5a501bd828 Remove top-level dbus_python and pythonDBus. 5 years ago
Frederik Rietdijk 4d06bf70f4 buildPythonApplication: use new function for Python applications 6 years ago
Vladimír Čunát c5579c9184 subversion: fixup some referrers after splitting 6 years ago
Mathnerd314 c3ed1b17ba rabbitvcs: init at 0.16 6 years ago