13 Commits (2b05a35e08a4ff732f037b67ade05c063ef0c5ce)

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volth 08f68313a4 treewide: remove redundant rec 2 years ago
volth 46420bbaa3 treewide: name -> pname (easy cases) (#66585) 2 years ago
Jan Malakhovski 980043347d mr: fix src 3 years ago
Maciej Mazur 5843e43d23 mr: 1.20170129 -> 1.20180726 3 years ago
Jan Malakhovski 207a8a5d68 mr: fix tests 3 years ago
Peter Simons b7f71bd2ad mr: update to version 1.20170129 5 years ago
Henry Till 79b326e9e9 mr: 1.20150503 -> 1.20160123 6 years ago
Henry Till faa90fad3f mr: update from 1.20141024 to 1.20150503 7 years ago
Henry Till d4bd9779dc mr: update to 1.20141024 7 years ago
Mateusz Kowalczyk 7a45996233 Turn some license strings into lib.licenses values 8 years ago
Jan Malakhovski f5de6b8fc8 updates: mr, vcsh and transmission-remote-gtk 8 years ago
Yury G. Kudryashov c2ad9f873d mr-1.13, more verbose install 9 years ago
Antono Vasiljev 631a59e449 Added mr - Multiple Repository management tool 10 years ago