195 Commits (2b05a35e08a4ff732f037b67ade05c063ef0c5ce)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mario Rodas 011c984b45
gitAndTools.delta: init at 0.0.12 2 years ago
Eric Ren 696b36f928 lefthook: init at 0.6.3 (#69233) 2 years ago
Ryan Trinkle 3bc52453a4 git-subrepo: init at 0.4.0 (#67217) 2 years ago
Jonathan Ringer 2b2d8919e8 pythonPackage.pre-commit: move to python-modules 2 years ago
Robin Gloster cfa7177419
git-crypt: remove openssl 1.0.2 pinning 2 years ago
Robin Gloster a22429bf05
pin some packages to openssl 1.0.2 for now 5 years ago
Mario Rodas 9719889377
gitAndTools.git-gone: init at 0.1.2 2 years ago
Mario Rodas 5675922458
gitAndTools.git-standup: init at 2.3.1 3 years ago
Manuel Mendez c9d1a0d252 gitAndTools.gitstatus: init at unstable-2019-05-06 3 years ago
Gürkan Gür 7ef359f21b gitAndTools.gita: 0.8.2 -> 0.9.2 3 years ago
montag451 7744ae3d77 git-annex-remote-dbx: init at 1.0.3 3 years ago
Sondre Nilsen 4e0b4a2f50 git-ignore: init at v0.2.0 (#56248) 3 years ago
Gurkan 936c9f4118 gitAndTools.gita: init at 0.7.3 (#55533) 3 years ago
Mario Rodas 5451116321
gitAndTools.lab: init at 0.14.0 3 years ago
Mario Rodas 879a509d79
gitAndTools.git-test: init at 1.0.4 3 years ago
Mario Rodas 1fc0eee80c gitAndTools.git-reparent: init at 2017-09-03 3 years ago
Mario Rodas 71b47005bc gitAndTools.git-absorb: init at 0.3.0 3 years ago
royneary fdd59b62c3 git-bug: init at 0.4.0 3 years ago
vanzef 82f2ae0260 gitAndTools.pass-git-helper: init at 0.4 (#47056) 3 years ago
Vincent Demeester 69f028ea01
git-appraise: init unstable at 2018-02-26 3 years ago
Jan Malakhovski 7705c76c49 git: use default texinfo 3 years ago
Boris Babic 585b0acbc9 gitAndTools.pre-commit: init at 1.10.4 3 years ago
Benjamin Staffin 815ae70556
gitFull: build libsecret credential helper (#43616) 3 years ago
volth cc55a3ebcb treewide: fix build with disallowed aliases (#43872) 3 years ago
volth 101df126bb config.skipAliases -> config.allowAliases 3 years ago
volth 4bafaaff8a config.skipAliases: also disable vimPlugins, git, xfce and gnome3 aliases 3 years ago
Uli Baum 19ce96584a git-sync: move to gitAndTools.git-sync 3 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 4fc23d2de0 hubUnstable: remove in favor of hub 4 years ago
Josef Kemetmüller 3575b82e67 gitAndTools.git-dit: Fix darwin build 4 years ago
Brandon Elam Barker ee270fe647 confirmed git-secrets is now working 4 years ago
Matthew Bauer 143978a477 treewide: remove platform assertions 4 years ago
gnidorah 9029ed933c nixos/gitweb: add gitwebTheme option 4 years ago
Guillaume Maudoux d92d1db717 gitAndTools.hubUnstable: init at 2.3.0-pre10 4 years ago
gnidorah 05b535c850 git: add more deps to gitweb 4 years ago
Florian Klink 594130f39c svn-all-fast-export: update patch sha256, --prefix is now used 4 years ago
Florian Klink 469d49718e gitAndTools.svn_all_fast_export: init at 1.0.11 4 years ago
Florian Klink 44dd0b6adb svn2git_kde: remove 4 years ago
Andreas Rammhold e69f0053e6
grv: init at 0.1.0 4 years ago
Robert Schütz f715464b25 git-annex-metadata-gui: init at 0.2.0 4 years ago
Mathias Schreck b627615602 git-secret: init at 0.2.2 (#31486) 4 years ago
zimbatm 0a46a71a6e gitAndTools.git-codeowners: init at 0.1.1 4 years ago
Joe Hermaszewski 531a5b1afe git-fame: init at 2.5.2 4 years ago
José Luis Lafuente 7b20341727
git-recent: init at 1.0.3 5 years ago
José Luis Lafuente cb624198e8
git-open: init at 1.3.0 5 years ago
Yann Hodique 04b30942bf ghq: init at 0.7.4 5 years ago
Jörg Thalheim d6f586bbff
git-octopus: init at 1.4 5 years ago
Profpatsch e1656bc46d git-dit: init at 0.1.0 5 years ago
Changlin Li f6dd263d42 bfg-repo-cleaner: init at 1.12.15 5 years ago
Peter Hoeg 3d16d69b40 qgit: 2.5 -> 2.6 (#22360) 5 years ago
jgertm 52a7b6549f bitbucket-server-cli: init at 0.7.0 (#21616) 5 years ago