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Albert Safin 0eaf29433e nixos/doc: fix manpage format 2 years ago
Eelco Dolstra b0ccd6dd16
Revert "nixos/doc: re-format" 2 years ago
Jan Tojnar ea6e8775bd
nixos/doc: re-format 2 years ago
Jan Tojnar a3f2131eb6 doc: Use prompt more often 2 years ago
Samuel Dionne-Riel 15fa70cd78 nixos/doc+man: Fixes squishedtogether definitions. 4 years ago
Samuel Dionne-Riel 88ca2b1ec4 nixos/doc: ran `make format` 4 years ago
Graham Christensen eca5c99bf8
nixos docs: format =) 4 years ago
Remy Goldschmidt 7fa034de56 Improved nixos-option manpage 4 years ago
Wilhelm Schuster 5f8d14546b Manual: Explicitly mark commands that require to be run as root (#15589) 6 years ago
Domen Kožar 18d9904433 nixos-option: fixes as suggested by @nbp 7 years ago
Domen Kožar 2e97c06999 nixos-option: enable all flags by default and make output a bit readable cc @nbp 7 years ago
Evgeny Egorochkin 9cb699f587 nixos manual: replace /etc/nixos/nixos which no longer exists with more generic and more 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra ac13bd2575 Merge "nixos-option --install" into nixos-generate-config 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 5c1f8cbc70 Move all of NixOS to nixos/ in preparation of the repository merge 8 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 29d84af677 * Remove the use of the NIXPKGS and NIXOS environment variables. 10 years ago
Nicolas Pierron b6f2fde0e0 man nixos-option: Fix typos. 11 years ago
Nicolas Pierron 0a9b2f6e44 Add a man page for nixos-option. 11 years ago