15 Commits (124d47c65adc242374931c290708ff69b1290c67)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felipe Espinoza 298f616913 libtins: init at 3.5 4 years ago
Roosembert Palacios e955391157 Add name to maintainers' list 4 years ago
Augustin Borsu 458ba30fa9 add aborsu as maintainer 4 years ago
Amine Chikhaoui d5dd7f4413 pcstat: init at 2017-05-28 (#33643) 4 years ago
Dominic Steinitz 46f9e10636 Add name to maintainers' list 4 years ago
John Children 79f4548aa2 go-langserver: init at unstable-2018-03-05 4 years ago
dupgit 3abce29a92
Remove myself as a maintainer 4 years ago
Moritz Maxeiner 12a70fd571 Remove myself as maintainer 4 years ago
Alexander Krupenkin 5037107026 maintainers: add akru 4 years ago
Jascha Geerds 300e272e02 maintainer-list: Change my email address 4 years ago
Carles Pagès 15ddc6fcf8 maintainers: remove wrong info 4 years ago
Jan Malakhovski 610b5b8045 rename lib/maintainers-list.nix into maintainers/maintainer-list.nix 4 years ago
Graham Christensen 5e8bdb8972
maintainers: remove null fields 4 years ago
Thilo Uttendorfer 861e2de8a8 ansible-lint: init at 3.4.20 4 years ago
Graham Christensen f7da7fa0c3 Revert "Revert "Convert maintainer file entries to attributes, add github handles"" 4 years ago
Graham Christensen 3e55c5d1f7 Revert "lib/maintainers: rename file to maintainers-list.nix" 4 years ago
Profpatsch 24684008df lib/maintainers: rename file to maintainers-list.nix 4 years ago
Profpatsch aecebe8280 lib/maintainers: add new maintainers before maintainers merge 4 years ago
Profpatsch 8e4c39adeb lib/maintainers: correct wrong (clashing) github handles 4 years ago
Profpatsch aa47bac04f Convert maintainer file entries to attributes, add github handles 4 years ago
Andrey Golovizin cc2aa6f358 pythonPackages.pymetar: add myself as maintainer 4 years ago
Xavier Naveira 284c6a5990 pythonPackages.scp: init at 0.10.2 4 years ago
timor 7e54a70960 maintainers: add myself 4 years ago
Erik Arvstedt f9f360883b untrunc: init at 2018.01.13 4 years ago
babariviere 6967498370 fix LD_PRELOAD error for bear 4 years ago
lejonet 565f22d27a nixos/ceph: init module (#35299) 4 years ago
Teo Klestrup Röijezon c4bd96ee17 maintainers: add teozkr 4 years ago
Luka Blaskovic f65414ea07 maintainers: add lblasc 4 years ago
Vasyl Solovei c2b781a70e
maintainers: add svsdep 4 years ago
troydm 89d660f7f1 rtl8192eu: init at 4.4.1 4 years ago
Michael Brantley a83716f256 perl-BSD-Resource: init at 1.2911 4 years ago
xeji e612f70393 new maintainer: xeji 4 years ago
Suvash Thapaliya c7e01acef2
docker-credential-gcr: init at 1.4.3 4 years ago
Luke Sandell 635011f219 wsjtx: init at 1.8.0 (#33247) 4 years ago
Félix Baylac-Jacqué 91744fc76f
fixedsys-excelsior: init at 3.00. 4 years ago
Stijn DW 71d1f053b7 Add StijnDW to maintainers list 4 years ago
Tad Fisher 9b7467eecb acpica-tools: init at 20180209 (#34883) 4 years ago
0x4A6F 4ef3b1bc48 Adding @0x4A6F to maintainers.nix (#34984) 4 years ago
Niko Pavlinek 0601c4e872 yokadi: init at 1.1.1 4 years ago
Profpatsch 53e790e7a8 maintainers: capitalize the Profpatsch attribute (vanity) 4 years ago
Andrew Dunham ac5e4d4990 lego: init at unstable-2018-02-02 4 years ago
Jesper Geertsen Jonsson 559047c67f Adds Jesper as maintainer :) 4 years ago
Valentin Heidelberger 97982f264a pythonPackages.pynacl: 0.3.0 -> 1.2.1 4 years ago
Matthieu Chevrier 00970f76f9 theharvester: init at 2.7.1 (#34704) 4 years ago
mkgvt f41eb52bc9 rename: init at 1.9 (#34719) 4 years ago
Varun Patro 768fe4f230
Add 'varunpatro' to maintainers list. 4 years ago
Bignaux Ronan 65f90f9c67 assaultcube: init at official master branch , rev = "9f537b0876a39d7686e773040469fbb1417de18b" (#34623) 4 years ago
Matthew Pickering 5dbaf18b69 Add mpickering to maintainers list 4 years ago
Răzvan Flavius Panda 4a7ae5c6b7 AntTweakBar: init at 1.16 4 years ago
Kevin Liu 93532b0d3a
looking-glass-client: init at a10 4 years ago