1176 Commits (genode)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  worldofpeace 776b456022 update.nix: fix eval 1 year ago
  John Ericson 9b090ccbca treewide: Get rid of most `parseDrvName` without breaking compat 1 year ago
  Tadeo Kondrak 1cb5b33fde
maintainers/scripts/update-discord: improve 1 year ago
  dadada db6505e293 maintainers: add dadada 1 year ago
  Arthur Lee 39e2802087 maintainers: Add arthurl 1 year ago
  worldofpeace 3895e097c3 maintainers: add mmai 1 year ago
  Tadeo Kondrak 70167b64c5 maintainers/scripts/update-discord: improve 1 year ago
  arcnmx e59b60310a maintainers: add arcnmx 1 year ago
  Aiken Cairncross b4da391ade monosat: Add self as maintainer 1 year ago
  Matthieu Coudron 73c64f0f38 luaPackages.luacov: init at 0.13.0-1 1 year ago
  David Anderson c5c5baf5af maintainers: add danderson 1 year ago
  Jeroen Wijenbergh b2db28464b spotify-tui: init at 0.5.0 1 year ago
  Martin Weinelt 1c165f5d4a maintainers: add hexa 1 year ago
  Free Potion 39aabbfd22
maintainer-list.nix: email update 1 year ago
  Konrad Borowski 7e1e138606 nixos/caddy: add tests (#70778) 1 year ago
  Alva 4c0b3ca7c2
maintainers: add alva 1 year ago
  Doron Behar 922de4f4b5 luaPackages.pulseaudio: init at 0.1 1 year ago
  Olli Helenius 382f2865a7 maintainers: add liff 1 year ago
  Koki Yasuno 1fb1f41c1b maintainers: add lattfein 1 year ago
  yvt b1acc7dc8b maintainer: Set githubId of yvt 1 year ago
  Eric Dallo b1bf22ab00 gnomeExtensions.drop-down-terminal: init at 24 1 year ago
  Daniel Albert 45a2072ac1 maintainers: Add @esclear 1 year ago
  Dmitry Kudriavtsev 70c6a035e2
maintainers: add dkudriavtsev 1 year ago
  Soner Sayakci 7929af8818
maintainers: add shyim 1 year ago
  Shahrukh Khan e082fe47b7 maintainers: add shahrukh330 1 year ago
  Jonathan Marler 5afde25a10 maintainers: add jonathanmarler 1 year ago
  Simon Chatterjee ab5a5c15cb maintainers: add simonchatts 1 year ago
  Even Brenden 9717d35312 jotta-cli: init at 0.6.18626 (#69326) 1 year ago
  Michał Krzysztof Feiler 0b0f805882
cwm: added maintainer "mkf", firstly declaring in maintainer-list 1 year ago
  Gwendolyn Quasebarth 0beeafc4a9 maintainers: add laikq 1 year ago
  Jake Stanger f3641ba721 maintainers: add jakestanger 1 year ago
  Jacek Generowicz 485adfa7bd maintainers: add jacg 1 year ago
  edef ac1fbe68bb nix-generate-from-cpan: strip leading v from versions 1 year ago
  edef 838902a82c nix-generate-from-cpan: use pname/version rather than version 1 year ago
  Riley Inman e1ace0f772 iosevka: Add self as maintainer 1 year ago
  yvt a5deef685a maintainer: Add yvt 1 year ago
  babariviere 70299a0a0a
maintainer: update email 1 year ago
  David Wood c8c6d91b22
maintainers: Add `davidtwco` 1 year ago
  Elmo Todurov 7cc7645fb0 maintainers: renamed myself 1 year ago
  Tom Hall 44bc65afb8 maintainers: add Thra11 1 year ago
  Miguel Madrid Mencía 148c82e07e
maintainer: mimadrid: update github username and personal data 1 year ago
  Samuel Leathers 11fc56348e
maintainer scripts: fix hydra-eval-failures script 1 year ago
  Henrik Jonsson ee9e7ef1de
maintainers: Add hkjn 1 year ago
  Nikolay Korotkiy 29cd56611f
maintainers.sikmir: add .keys 1 year ago
  Calvin Kim 00b8bf416c maintainers: add kcalvinalvin 1 year ago
  Pamplemousse fb32560486 Add Pamplemousse to the maintainers list 1 year ago
  Matthieu Coudron 4a3189085a luarocks-nix: bump to 2019-09-07 1 year ago
  Philipp 2787d4160c lua*Packages.lua-yajl: init at 2.0-1 1 year ago
  Philipp fc250d64e5 lua*Packages.luautf8: init at 0.1.1-1 1 year ago
  Matthieu Coudron 89c3c1cb42 update-luarocks-packages: reference only 1 server 1 year ago