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  Vladimír Čunát 2369a6a2b7
Fix link in PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md (the same link) пре 1 година
  David Kleuker c15f3d8c98
Fix link in CONTRIBUTING.md пре 1 година
  Jonathan Ringer aed81020ed codeowners: add jonringer as python packages codeowner пре 1 година
  (cdep)illabout d10b6bde34
codeowners: add cdepillabout to CODEOWNERS for Haskell-related packages пре 1 година
  Austin Seipp 0aee12e0b3 CODEOWNERS: add myself as owner of ntp packages пре 2 година
  WilliButz 82b7e9baf3
CODEOWNERS: add myself for prometheus exporters пре 1 година
  adisbladis d20d6034bd
CODEOWNERS: Add myself as owner for emacs пре 1 година
  Peter Simons 8c7c18992f CODEOWNERS: add myself as a reviewer for mail/dns related NixOS modules пре 1 година
  Steven Shaw e2a28e8dd2 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Add "Notify maintainers" section пре 1 година
  zimbatm 2a227c6cd8
.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/security.md: remove пре 1 година
  zimbatm 2797ddee7d
Remove .github/FUNDING.yml пре 1 година
  zimbatm 5cece63aad
github: use the new issue template (#64983) пре 1 година
  Alyssa Ross 265d3bc1d6 CODEOWNERS: add myself for lib/licenses.nix пре 2 година
  Domen Kožar 8a2b829b15
Update FUNDING.yml пре 1 година
  Craig Hall d096030d07
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: "Assured whether" -> "Ensured that" пре 2 година
  worldofpeace f6d2ebe313 Add .github/FUNDING.yml пре 2 година
  Silvan Mosberger f1dc49171f
CODEOWNERS: Change me from all NixOS modules to just new ones пре 2 година
  Joachim Fasting 344b86f1f0
CODEOWNERS: add myself to files related to the hardened profile пре 2 година
  Peter Simons cfaca4814b CODEOWNERS: I'd rather not review Haskell PRs any more пре 2 година
  Silvan Mosberger 4e398a325e
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Add encouragement to review PRs пре 2 година
  Jörg Thalheim 22d083e659
doc/reviewing-contributions: nix-review instead of nox-review пре 2 година
  Ryan Mulligan afa525bff9 .github/CODEOWNERS: remove @ryantm from haskell пре 2 година
  Frederik Rietdijk 92def1d5f7 codeowners: fix reference to renamed file пре 2 година
  volth a0838372b7
CODEOWNERS: add @volth to Perl пре 2 година
  Alyssa Ross ce66baaf71
CODEOWNERS: add @alyssais (me) to Ruby пре 2 година
  Niklas Hambüchen f2816e47ab PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Ask for docs пре 4 година
  Philip Patsch 75e357e210 CODEOWNERS: add mboes and Profpatsch for bazel packaging пре 2 година
  Silvan Mosberger f37d3a463d
.github/CODEOWNERS: Add infinisil to idris-modules пре 2 година
  Silvan Mosberger 90ad9dc646
.github/CODEOWNERS: Add infinisil to NixOS modules пре 2 година
  Profpatsch 34bf218b16 Add dhallPackages and add current Prelude пре 2 година
  Matthew Bauer 791e98eb90
Add myself to a few CODEOWNERS paths пре 2 година
  Austin Seipp 6a0e8c2738 .github/CODEOWNERS: add myself as the PostgreSQL owner пре 2 година
  c74d e74c7666c7 CONTRIBUTING.md: Clarify clarification on periods пре 2 година
  joncojonathan 9428c28f7a
CONTRIBUTING.md: add clarification on periods in commit messages пре 2 година
  Ryan Mulligan 5c5baaf17d treewide: remove mailing list references пре 2 година
  John Ericson af36123747 .github/CODEOWNERS: Add myself as for some stdenv stuff пре 2 година
  Bas van Dijk 5fe904b7ec .github/CODEOWNERS: add basvandijk to Haskell пре 2 година
  Ryan Mulligan 8d3c12d9c3 .github/CODEOWNERS: add ryantm to Haskell пре 2 година
  Ryan Mulligan 940094a0d5 .github/CODEOWNERS: remove tabs пре 2 година
  Eelco Dolstra bf1c28e978
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: Ask for closure size impact пре 3 година
  Bob van der Linden b503e76ee0
use sandbox instead of build-use-sandbox пре 3 година
  Frederik Rietdijk 51556f640d FRidh as owner of update-python-libraries пре 3 година
  Profpatsch 06156610f1 CODEOWNERS: add Profpatsch to lib/debug.nix пре 3 година
  Jörg Thalheim ed453ccb9c CODEOWNERS: add Mic92/LnL7 for rustc пре 3 година
  Profpatsch 99f2b33519 CODEOWNERS: Add Profpatsch to /lib/generators.nix пре 3 година
  Matthew Bauer 124d47c65a meta: fix fallout from #36275 пре 3 година
  John Ericson 98ede1e2ae
CODEOWNERS: Make @orivej a {cc,bintools}-wrapper codeowner пре 3 година
  Eelco Dolstra 6060a6dd22
CODEOWNERS cleanup пре 3 година
  John Ericson cada00bc49 CODEOWNERS: Add me, @Ericson2314, to a few things пре 3 година
  Thomas Tuegel 13a0433773
CODEOWNERS: Add ttuegel for Qt / KDE пре 3 година