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  Vladimír Čunát 2369a6a2b7
Fix link in PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md (the same link) 1 year ago
  Steven Shaw e2a28e8dd2 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Add "Notify maintainers" section 1 year ago
  Craig Hall d096030d07
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: "Assured whether" -> "Ensured that" 2 years ago
  Silvan Mosberger 4e398a325e
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Add encouragement to review PRs 2 years ago
  Jörg Thalheim 22d083e659
doc/reviewing-contributions: nix-review instead of nox-review 2 years ago
  Niklas Hambüchen f2816e47ab PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: Ask for docs 4 years ago
  Eelco Dolstra bf1c28e978
PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: Ask for closure size impact 3 years ago
  Bob van der Linden b503e76ee0
use sandbox instead of build-use-sandbox 3 years ago
  Maxime Dénès 9ca1b56683
pr template: make values of platform field less ambiguous 3 years ago
  Piotr Bogdan e221d945ad pr template: make formatting consistent 3 years ago
  Linus Heckemann 02d168e130 Pull request template: comment out instructions 3 years ago
  Yegor Timoshenko 72239c3a22 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: mereley -> merely 3 years ago
  Frederik Rietdijk 138eba0bff Pull request template: clarify the purpose of the template 3 years ago
  aszlig fa6fd34fcc
github/pr-template: Add note about NixOS tests 4 years ago
  Ignat Loskutov d91eba4ec3 Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md 4 years ago
  Eric Sagnes 7ad26bdc6e improvements from feedback 4 years ago
  Eric Sagnes 8d656d2ca0 nixos-doc: add reviewing-contributions 4 years ago
  Rushmore Mushambi 0192777972 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: rename chroot to sandbox 4 years ago
  Vladimír Čunát 156105c489 PR template: go back to old option name for now 5 years ago
  Daniel Peebles 0bd54a6d5d Update PR template with motivation for changes 5 years ago
  Vladimír Čunát 4c10d404e7 github PR template: reformulate the sandboxing help 5 years ago
  Vladimír Čunát 7cf8daa2bb nixos: rename chroot* to sandbox* 5 years ago
  zimbatm 8706726d59 Simplify contributing 5 years ago
  Nathan Zadoks d0b8080062 .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: use individual checkboxes for tested OSes 5 years ago
  Domen Kožar 2af46e4393 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: fix issues raised in 3c84ae406 5 years ago
  Domen Kožar 3c84ae406d PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: clarify a few things 5 years ago
  Arseniy Seroka ac9ab2c3f5 PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE: init 5 years ago