Annotate option-set options with the file in which they are declared.

This modification improves NixOS manual by listing in which file, each
submodule option is declared.  This solve the issue that files are not
reported when looking at options such as fileSystems.<name?>.neededForBoot
Nicolas Pierron 8 years ago
parent 476b94a34d
commit bb944b4dc8
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@ -132,7 +132,12 @@ rec {
The exception is the options attribute, which specifies
sub-options. These can be specified multiple times to allow one
module to add sub-options to an option declared somewhere else
(e.g. multiple modules define sub-options for fileSystems). */
(e.g. multiple modules define sub-options for fileSystems).
'loc' is the list of attribute names where the option is located.
'opts' is a list of modules. Each module has an options attribute which
correspond to the definition of 'loc' in 'opt.file'. */
mergeOptionDecls = loc: opts:
fold (opt: res:
if opt.options ? default && res ? default ||
@ -143,9 +148,23 @@ rec {
throw "The option `${showOption loc}' in `${opt.file}' is already declared in ${showFiles res.declarations}."
opt.options // res //
/* Add the modules of the current option to the list of modules
already collected. The options attribute except either a list of
submodules or a submodule. For each submodule, we add the file of the
current option declaration as the file use for the submodule. If the
submodule defines any filename, then we ignore the enclosing option file. */
options' = toList opt.options.options;
coerceOption = file: opt:
if isFunction opt then args: { _file = file; } // (opt args)
else args: { _file = file; options = opt; };
submodules =
if opt.options ? options
then map (coerceOption opt.file) options' ++ res.options
else res.options;
in opt.options // res //
{ declarations = [opt.file] ++ res.declarations;
options = if opt.options ? options then [(toList opt.options.options ++ res.options)] else [];
options = submodules;
) { inherit loc; declarations = []; options = []; } opts;
@ -276,12 +295,8 @@ rec {
optionSet to configOf. FIXME: remove eventually. */
fixupOptionType = loc: opt:
options' = opt.options or
options = opt.options or
(throw "Option `${showOption loc'}' has type optionSet but has no option attribute, in ${showFiles opt.declarations}.");
coerce = x:
if isFunction x then x
else { config, ... }: { options = x; };
options = map coerce (flatten options');
f = tp:
if == "option set" || == "submodule" then
throw "The option ${showOption loc} uses submodules without a wrapping type, in ${showFiles opt.declarations}."