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{ stdenv, makeWrapper, emacs }:
with stdenv.lib;
explicitRequires: # packages explicitly requested by the user
stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = (appendToName "with-packages" emacs).name;
nativeBuildInputs = [ emacs makeWrapper ];
inherit emacs explicitRequires;
phases = [ "installPhase" ];
installPhase = ''
for pkg in $explicitRequires; do
findInputs $pkg requires propagated-user-env-packages
# requires now holds all requested packages and their transitive dependencies
addEmacsPath() {
local list=$1
local path=$2
# Add the path to the search path list, but only if it exists
if [[ -d "$path" ]]; then
echo "(add-to-list '$list \"$path\")" >>"$siteStart"
# Add a dependency's paths to site-start.el
addToEmacsPaths() {
addEmacsPath "exec-path" "$1/bin"
addEmacsPath "load-path" "$1/share/emacs/site-lisp"
addEmacsPath "package-directory-list" "$1/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa"
mkdir -p $out/share/emacs/site-lisp
# Begin the new site-start.el by loading the original, which sets some
# NixOS-specific paths. Paths are searched in the reverse of the order
# they are specified in, so user and system profile paths are searched last.
echo "(load-file \"$emacs/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.el\")" >"$siteStart"
echo "(require 'package)" >>"$siteStart"
# Set paths for the dependencies of the requested packages. These paths are
# searched before the profile paths, but after the explicitly-required paths.
for pkg in $requires; do
# The explicitly-required packages are also in the list, but we will add
# those paths last.
if ! ( echo "$explicitRequires" | grep "$pkg" >/dev/null ) ; then
addToEmacsPaths $pkg
# Finally, add paths for all the explicitly-required packages. These paths
# will be searched first.
for pkg in $explicitRequires; do
addToEmacsPaths $pkg
# Byte-compiling improves start-up time only slightly, but costs nothing.
emacs --batch -f batch-byte-compile "$siteStart"
mkdir -p $out/bin
# Wrap emacs and friends so they find our site-start.el before the original.
for prog in $emacs/bin/*; do # */
makeWrapper "$prog" $out/bin/$(basename "$prog") \
--suffix EMACSLOADPATH ":" "$out/share/emacs/site-lisp:"
mkdir -p $out/share
# Link icons and desktop files into place
for dir in applications icons info man; do
ln -s $emacs/share/$dir $out/share/$dir
inherit (emacs) meta;