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_ItL_aT R 384
_ItL_atanhi R 64
_ItL_atanlo R 64
_ItL_pS0 R 16
_ItL_pS1 R 16
_ItL_pS2 R 16
_ItL_pS3 R 16
_ItL_pS4 R 16
_ItL_pS5 R 16
_ItL_pS6 R 16
_ItL_pi_lo R 16
_ItL_qS1 R 16
_ItL_qS2 R 16
_ItL_qS3 R 16
_ItL_qS4 R 16
_ItL_qS5 R 16
__exp__D T
__fe_dfl_env R 32
__fpclassifyd T
__fpclassifyf T
__fpclassifyl T
__ieee754_rem_pio2 T
__ieee754_rem_pio2f T
__isfinite T
__isfinitef T
__isfinitel T
__isinff T
__isinfl T
__isnanf T
__isnanl T
__isnormal T
__isnormalf T
__isnormall T
__kernel_cos T
__kernel_cosdf T
__kernel_cosl T
__kernel_rem_pio2 T
__kernel_sin T
__kernel_sindf T
__kernel_sinl T
__kernel_tan T
__kernel_tandf T
__kernel_tanl T
__ldexp_cexp T
__ldexp_cexpf T
__ldexp_exp T
__ldexp_expf T
__log__D T
__p1evll T
__polevll T
__scan_nan T
__signbit T
__signbitf T
__signbitl T
acos T
acosf T
acosh T
acoshf T
acoshl T
acosl T
asin T
asinf T
asinh T
asinhf T
asinhl T
asinl T
atan T
atan2 T
atan2f T
atan2l T
atanf T
atanh T
atanhf T
atanhl T
atanl T
cabs T
cabsf T
cabsl T
cacos T
cacosf T
cacosh T
cacoshf T
cacoshl T
cacosl T
carg T
cargf T
cargl T
casin T
casinf T
casinh T
casinhf T
casinhl T
casinl T
catan T
catanf T
catanh T
catanhf T
catanhl T
catanl T
cbrt T
cbrtf T
cbrtl T
ccos T
ccosf T
ccosh T
ccoshf T
ccoshl T
ccosl T
ceil T
ceilf T
ceill T
cexp T
cexpf T
cexpl T
cimag T
cimagf T
cimagl T
clog T
clogf T
clogl T
conj T
conjf T
conjl T
copysign T
copysignf T
copysignl T
cos T
cosf T
cosh T
coshf T
coshl T
cosl T
cpow T
cpowf T
cpowl T
cproj T
cprojf T
cprojl T
creal T
crealf T
creall T
csin T
csinf T
csinh T
csinhf T
csinhl T
csinl T
csqrt T
csqrtf T
csqrtl T
ctan T
ctanf T
ctanh T
ctanhf T
ctanhl T
ctanl T
erf T
erfc T
erfcf T
erfcl T
erff T
erfl T
exp T
exp2 T
exp2f T
exp2l T
expf T
expl T
expm1 T
expm1f T
expm1l T
fabs T
fabsf T
fabsl T
fdim T
fdimf T
fdiml T
fedisableexcept T
feenableexcept T
fegetenv T
feholdexcept T
feraiseexcept T
fesetexceptflag T
feupdateenv T
floor T
floorf T
floorl T
fma T
fmaf T
fmal T
fmax T
fmaxf T
fmaxl T
fmin T
fminf T
fminl T
fmod T
fmodf T
fmodl T
frexp T
frexpf T
frexpl T
hypot T
hypotf T
hypotl T
ilogb T
ilogbf T
ilogbl T
isinf T
isinff W
isnan T
isnanf W
isopenlibm T
j0 T
j0f T
j1 T
j1f T
jn T
jnf T
ldexp T
ldexpf T
ldexpl T
lgamma T
lgamma_r T
lgammaf T
lgammaf_r T
lgammal T
lgammal_r T
llrint T
llrintf T
llrintl T
llround T
llroundf T
llroundl T
log T
log10 T
log10f T
log10l T
log1p T
log1pf T
log1pl T
log2 T
log2f T
log2l T
logb T
logbf T
logbl T
logf T
logl T
lrint T
lrintf T
lrintl T
lround T
lroundf T
lroundl T
modf T
modff T
modfl T
nan T
nanf T
nanl T
nearbyint T
nearbyintf T
nearbyintl T
nextafter T
nextafterf T
nextafterl T
nexttoward T
nexttowardf T
nexttowardl T
pow T
powf T
powl T
remainder T
remainderf T
remainderl T
remquo T
remquof T
remquol T
rint T
rintf T
rintl T
round T
roundf T
roundl T
scalbln T
scalblnf T
scalblnl T
scalbn T
scalbnf T
scalbnl T
signgam B 4
sin T
sincos T
sincosf T
sincosl T
sinf T
sinh T
sinhf T
sinhl T
sinl T
sqrt T
sqrtf T
sqrtl T
tan T
tanf T
tanh T
tanhf T
tanhl T
tanl T
tgamma T
tgammaf T
tgammal T
trunc T
truncf T
truncl T
y0 T
y0f T
y1 T
y1f T
yn T
ynf T