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Genode Packages collection https://git.sr.ht/~ehmry/genodepkgs/
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Genode Packages

This repo contains Nix expressions for building Genode with Nixpkgs and building Nixpkgs for Genode. At the moment the former is experimental and broken in many cases, the later is probably broken for all cases.

Furthermore, this repository is structured as a Nix flake, with is in itself an experimental extension of the Nix utility. The flakes capable nix frontend is available from Nixpkgs as nixFlakes. It is possible to bootstrap to flakes by installing Nix on a standard Linux distro, followed by nix-env -i nixFlakes. Flakes are available from NixOS using the following expression: { pkgs, ... }: { nix.package = pkgs.nixFlakes; }


The LLVM cross-compiler may useful already, Clang apparently builds trivial Genode componenents without serious problems. Bootstrapping GCC is not practical due to the recursive autotools build system.

The compiler environment for x86_64 should be accessible from the stdenv at the path .#packages.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.stdenv. There is currently no recommendations for integrating the compiler within external build systems.

Bootstrapping the LLVM toolchain on a laptop can take hours, so personally I farm out the builds. If you interested in binaries please contact me and we can
setup a cache.