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Genode Packages collection https://git.sr.ht/~ehmry/genodepkgs/
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Emery Hemingway dbaeceac9b gdb: update config patch 2 years ago
binutils Add aarch64 platform 2 years ago
cmake Move Nixpkgs patching to overlay 2 years ago
gdb gdb: update config patch 2 years ago
gnu-config Use updateAutotoolsGnuConfigScript to build legacy packages 2 years ago
libc Simplify packages layout 2 years ago
libsodium libsodium, libtoxcore 2 years ago
libtool Return to *.lib.so library naming convention 2 years ago
llvm-11 overlay: LLVM 8 -> 11 2 years ago
ncurses ncurses: add configure patch 2 years ago
openssl openssl: drop $bin, patch configure script 2 years ago
solo5-tools Relicense as MIT 2 years ago
tor Patch tor 2 years ago
tup overlay: add setup-hook to tup 2 years ago
default.nix patch tor 2 years ago