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Emery Hemingway a2a152b68a tests: add Bash test
Test Bash and Coretuils from the Genode Labs ports.
2020-11-13 15:03:33 +01:00
Emery Hemingway a1f9effb3c genodeSources: patch to detect session_label failures
Throw an exception if destructive truncation is detected in Session_label.
2020-11-13 15:03:33 +01:00
Emery Hemingway e9407c3e5d core: patch to log ROM when diag is set 2020-11-13 15:03:33 +01:00
Emery Hemingway df5be1d6dc Simplify packages layout 2020-11-13 15:03:32 +01:00
Emery Hemingway a48dc08001 Return to *.lib.so library naming convention 2020-11-01 20:12:04 +01:00
Emery Hemingway 839f66e2de Prepare ports using x86_64-linux nixpkgs 2020-10-23 10:16:24 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 1168611109 Update Genode sources to latest master 2020-10-20 00:08:35 +02:00
Emery Hemingway c3385aedd0 genodeSources: 20.05 -> 20.08 2020-09-02 13:01:53 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 1f53f25419 Relicense as MIT 2020-08-27 17:15:09 +02:00
Emery Hemingway f9958ba64b genodeSources: arch-independent ports
Do not apply the fixup phase to ports, patching script shebangs is
infecting the ports with the packages used to prepare the port.

Do not import the package versions from the genodeSources
derivation, this breaks "nix flake list".

Make the selection of packages from buildPackages more explicit.
2020-08-15 18:37:43 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 4f74ff9452 Documentation and cleanup 2020-08-02 16:46:34 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 8134e9bd13 vbox: remove iasl patch 2020-06-11 11:10:39 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 60473079e8 ports: extract port version from the Genode sources 2020-06-11 11:10:39 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 559f4aa3c0 Add aarch64 platform
Add the hw-virt_qemu platform to tests, rename hw to hw-pc.
2020-06-03 16:56:33 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 7dc432ce33 Increase binary labels strings to accomodate store paths 2020-05-30 17:31:12 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 44d8327f43 Update to Genode 20.05 2020-05-28 17:47:06 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 32d65d2f41 Patch Genode upstream to use conventional library names
Use library names that are compatible with legacy software.
2020-05-08 01:11:30 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 1400dded7e fixup! tests: consolidate rtc, signal, pci into x86 test 2020-04-26 11:48:05 +05:30
Emery Hemingway feb555991e genodeSources: prevent build scrips from stripping
The fixup phase of the Nix builder strips files and easier to disable.
2020-04-20 16:46:39 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 7a04959417 Patch Genode sources per-package
Avoid cross package rebuilds when patching. Remove init schema
validation, as its not worth patching.
2020-04-08 21:22:52 +05:30
Emery Hemingway ed3cf7f063 Prefer Genode Labs packages from depot builds 2020-04-08 21:22:52 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 8a74a86599 Move genodeSources from packages to overlay 2020-03-31 23:10:32 +05:30
Emery Hemingway db7d458b5e Add package manifests at testing site
The manifests can be generated at late as possible. Also, in the future
a list of binaries in use by an init expression can be extracted and
selected from a list of input packages.
2020-03-31 23:10:32 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 918c74a111 Make devShell a Genode Labs FHS environment 2020-03-20 23:45:47 +05:30
Emery Hemingway 6d6d585f0f Refactor of packaging and testing
- Remove manifests from Dhall configurations and mix all
   test inputs to generate test ROM maps.

 - All loader and timer drivers are name ld.lib.so and timer_drv.

 - Replace packages of multiple Genode Labs targets with functions
   to build individual targets. These packages are not explicitly
   specified unless they require inputs from the source ports or
   extra nativeBuildInputs.

 - Add support for building from Genode world repository.
2020-03-18 19:39:57 +05:30
Emery Hemingway a61c3532e8 Build more packages using upstream build system
- Implement support for "ports"
- Update Nixpkgs to use Genode 20.02
- Remove packaging of forked Genode
2020-03-02 19:17:14 +01:00
Emery Hemingway 57d8d01e42 Update Genode to 20.02 release 2020-02-28 14:42:34 +01:00
Emery Hemingway 7f30ff1fed Tweak Genode upstream build wrapper 2020-02-24 22:47:07 +01:00
Emery Hemingway bfebc6dcef Patch Genode Labs builds for unlabeled LOG sessions (SOTEST) 2020-02-19 14:52:34 +01:00
Emery Hemingway 7d5d2a3c5e Add base-hw-pc
Build base-hw-pc with the Genode Labs build system
2020-02-19 13:26:15 +01:00