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Emery Hemingway 1df76e3bca Optionally pass extraOverlays through release.nix
This allows packages to be be overriden simultaneously for both builds
and tests.
2019-10-23 00:54:35 +02:00
Emery Hemingway b2d4dc491e Hydra: build Solo5 PRs using release derivation
This just makes it easier to run the tests as well.
2019-10-22 19:54:34 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 756bec7052 Hydra: use merged commit for testing Solo5 2019-10-21 20:51:07 +02:00
Emery Hemingway 93a977c208 Solo5: update to 0.6.3, build without patch
Build without patching to test Solo5 PR testing. In effect the build
will fail, but the Solo5 PR test for build system support should
2019-10-21 17:37:17 +02:00
Emery Hemingway e3589e5a41 Add Hydra spec for Solo5 pull requests 2019-10-21 14:18:10 +02:00
Emery Hemingway c1acd31f76 Declarative Hydra spec 2019-10-20 19:40:50 +02:00