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Genode Packages collection https://git.sr.ht/~ehmry/genodepkgs/
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# Genode Packages
3 years ago
This repo contains Nix expressions for building Genode with Nixpkgs and building
Nixpkgs for Genode. At the moment the former is experimental and broken in many
cases, the later is probably broken for all cases.
Furthermore, this repository is structured as a Nim flake, with is in itself an
experimental extension of the Nix utility.
3 years ago
## Toolchain
3 years ago
The LLVM cross-compiler may useful already, Clang apparently builds trivial
Genode componenents without serious problems. Bootstrapping GCC is not practical
due to the recursive autotools build system.
3 years ago
To compiler environment for x86_64 may be accessed by invoking `nix devShell`.
3 years ago
Bootstrapping the environment on a laptop can take hours. Get yourself a