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This is the example operating system based on the Genode OS framework:
:_Init_: is the first real process in the system. The provided implementation
uses a very simple XML parser to read its configuration files.
:_Drivers_: The example OS has basic drivers for frame buffer, mouse and
keyboard input, the PCI bus, the real-time clock, and system-specific timers.
:_Server_: The only server in the example OS is Nitpicker, a
minimal-complexity GUI server.
:_Test_: are also part of the example OS. You may have a look at the fork
bomb as a simple system stress test.
:_Ldso_: is the dynamic linker used for loading executables that are linked
against shared libraries.
:_Lib_: contains libraries used by the components of the OS repository,
in particular the device-driver kit, the alarm framework, and support
for dynamic linking.