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# \brief Download and prepare the Codezero kernel
# \author Norman Feske
# \date 2011-08-05
ECHO = @echo
GIT_URL = git://
GIT_REV = 6fa4884a5a1cf6207372f69ae01e5faa6d5a39c8
CONTRIB_DIR = contrib
PATCHES = $(shell find patches -name *.patch)
# Print help information by default
prepare: $(CONTRIB_DIR)
$(ECHO) "Check out upstream source code of the Codezero kernel"
$(ECHO) "The source code will be located at the '$(CONTRIB_DIR)/' directory."
$(ECHO) "--- available commands ---"
$(ECHO) "prepare - checkout upstream source codes"
$(ECHO) "clean - remove upstream source codes"
$(VERBOSE)cd $(CONTRIB_DIR); git reset --hard $(GIT_REV)
$(ECHO) "applying patches to '$(CONTRIB_DIR)/'"
$(VERBOSE)for i in $(PATCHES); do patch -d $@ -p1 < $$i; done