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# Build
build {
init drivers/timer drivers/nic
# Generate config
set config {
<config verbose="yes">
<service name="ROM"/>
<service name="RAM"/>
<service name="IRQ"/>
<service name="IO_MEM"/>
<service name="IO_PORT"/>
<service name="CAP"/>
<service name="PD"/>
<service name="RM"/>
<service name="CPU"/>
<service name="LOG"/>
<service name="SIGNAL"/>
<any-service> <parent/> <any-child/> </any-service>
<start name="timer">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M"/>
<provides> <service name="Timer"/> </provides>
<start name="nic_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="2M"/>
<provides> <service name="Nic"/> </provides>
<start name="test-lwip_httpsrv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="5M"/>
<libc stdout="/dev/log" stderr="/dev/log">
<vfs> <dir name="dev"> <log/> </dir> </vfs>
install_config $config
# Boot modules
set boot_modules {
core init timer nic_drv test-lwip_httpsrv
build_boot_image $boot_modules
# Execute test case
run_genode_until forever
# vi: set ft=tcl :