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LUA_DIR := $(call select_from_ports,lua)/src/lib/lua/src
LIBS += libc libm
# core objects
LUA_CORE_C = lapi.c lcode.c ldebug.c ldo.c ldump.c lfunc.c lgc.c llex.c lmem.c \
lobject.c lopcodes.c lparser.c lstate.c lstring.c ltable.c ltm.c \
lundump.c lvm.c lzio.c
# library objects, e.g. string handling
LUA_LIB_C = lauxlib.c lbaselib.c ldblib.c liolib.c lmathlib.c loslib.c ltablib.c \
lstrlib.c loadlib.c linit.c
vpath %.c $(LUA_DIR)
# vi: set ft=make :