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LIBC_GEN_DIR = $(LIBC_DIR)/lib/libc/gen
# this file produces a warning about a missing header file, lets drop it
FILTER_OUT_C += getosreldate.c sem.c valloc.c getpwent.c
SRC_C = $(filter-out $(FILTER_OUT_C),$(notdir $(wildcard $(LIBC_GEN_DIR)/*.c)))
# 'sysconf.c' includes the local 'stdtime/tzfile.h'
INC_DIR += $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/libc/stdtime
# '_pthread_stubs.c' includes the local 'libc_pdbg.h'
INC_DIR += $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/libc
include $(REP_DIR)/lib/mk/
vpath %.c $(LIBC_GEN_DIR)