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# \brief Test for the TCP terminal
# \author Norman Feske
# \date 2011-09-08
# TODO: Add support for Linux via user-level networking (using the
# tun/tap proxy driver at os/src/drivers/nic/linux)
if {[have_spec linux]} {
puts "Run script does not support Linux."; exit 0 }
# Build
set build_components {
core init
drivers/timer drivers/nic
lappend_if [have_spec acpi] build_components drivers/acpi
lappend_if [have_spec pci] build_components drivers/pci
lappend_if [have_spec pci] build_components drivers/pci/device_pd
build $build_components
# Generate config
set config {
<config verbose="yes">
<service name="ROM"/>
<service name="RAM"/>
<service name="IRQ"/>
<service name="IO_MEM"/>
<service name="IO_PORT"/>
<service name="CAP"/>
<service name="PD"/>
<service name="RM"/>
<service name="CPU"/>
<service name="LOG"/>
<service name="SIGNAL"/>
<any-service> <any-child/> <parent/> </any-service>
<start name="timer">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M"/>
<provides> <service name="Timer"/> </provides>
<start name="nic_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="2M"/>
<provides> <service name="Nic"/> </provides>
<start name="tcp_terminal">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="2560K"/>
<provides> <service name="Terminal"/> </provides>
<policy label="test-terminal_echo" port="8888"/>
<libc stdout="/dev/log">
<vfs> <dir name="dev"> <log/> </dir> </vfs>
<start name="test-terminal_echo">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="1M"/>
append_if [have_spec acpi] config {
<start name="acpi">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="6M" constrain_phys="yes"/>
<binary name="acpi_drv"/>
<service name="PCI"/>
<service name="IRQ" />
<service name="PCI"> <any-child /> </service>
<service name="IRQ"> <parent /> </service>
<any-service> <parent/> <any-child /> </any-service>
append_if [expr ![have_spec acpi] && [have_spec pci]] config {
<start name="pci_drv">
<resource name="RAM" quantum="2M" constrain_phys="yes"/>
<provides> <service name="PCI"/> </provides>
</start> }
append config {
install_config $config
# Boot modules
# generic modules
set boot_modules {
core init timer
# platform-specific modules
lappend_if [have_spec pci] boot_modules pci_drv
lappend_if [have_spec acpi] boot_modules acpi_drv
lappend_if [have_spec nova] boot_modules pci_device_pd
build_boot_image $boot_modules
# Execute test
# qemu config
append qemu_args " -m 128 -nographic "
append_if [have_spec x86] qemu_args " -net nic,model=pcnet "
append_if [have_spec lan9118] qemu_args " -net nic,model=lan9118 "
append qemu_args " -net user -redir tcp:5555::8888 "
run_genode_until forever
# Now, connect via 'telnet localhost 5555'
# vi: set ft=tcl :