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#!/usr/bin/make -f
# \brief ISO image creation tool
# \author Christian Helmuth
# \date 2009-02-05
ISO ?= genode
ISODIR = $(abspath $(ISO))
ISOIMG = $(abspath $(ISO).iso)
default help:
@echo "--- available commands ---"
@echo "iso - create ISO image of directory \"$(ISO)\""
@echo "tiny.iso - create tiny ISO image of directory \"$(ISO)\""
@echo "compress - create bzip2 compressed ISO image"
@echo "clean - cleanup everything"
@echo "--- configuration options ---"
@echo "ISO=<name> Overwrites basename of cd image file."
@echo "Please, place your binaries and config files in appropriate subdirectories in"
@echo " $(ISODIR)"
@echo "and adapt"
@echo " $(ISODIR)/boot/grub/menu.lst"
@echo "to your configuration's needs. A sample directory tree can be found in"
@echo "tool/boot/genode."
# Function to generate bootable ISO images
# parameter 1 filename of ISO image
# parameter 2 path of directory containing file tree for the ISO image
gen_iso_image = mkisofs -f -l -R -hide-rr-moved -jcharset utf-8 \
-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \
-b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin \
-o $(1) $(2)
$(ISOIMG) iso:
@$(call gen_iso_image, $(ISOIMG) $(ISODIR))
@which isohybrid > /dev/null && isohybrid $(ISOIMG)
STRIP_FILES = $(wildcard genode/*) $(wildcard pistachio/*)
# Compact all files in a directory using strip and gzip
# parameter 1 directory containing the files to strip and gzip
compact_files = for f in `find $(1) -type f`; do \
strip $$f -o strip.tmp; \
gzip -c strip.tmp > $$f; \
done; rm -f strip.tmp
@rm -rf $(@:.iso=.dir)
@cp -Lrp $(ISODIR) $(@:.iso=.dir)
@$(call compact_files, $(@:.iso=.dir)/fiasco)
@$(call compact_files, $(@:.iso=.dir)/pistachio)
@$(call compact_files, $(@:.iso=.dir)/genode)
@$(call gen_iso_image, $@ $(@:.iso=.dir))
@rm -rf $(@:.iso=.dir)
compress: $(ISOIMG)
@bzip2 -f -c $< > $).bz2
@rm -rf tiny.dir tiny.iso $(ISOIMG)
.PHONY: $(ISOIMG) tiny.iso clean