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This directory contains tools for managing and using the source code
of Genode.
The 'create_builddir' tool provides a convenient way to create build
directories for different platforms. Its usage information is printed when
starting the tool without arguments.
This directory contains a Makefile template and configuration snippets used
by the 'create_builddir' tool.
This tool downloads, builds, and installs the tool chain needed to build the
Genode OS Framework. For getting usage information, start the tool without
This simple tool helps to build bootable ISO images from your build of
Genode. For getting usage information, start the tool without arguments.
Beautify is a coding-style checking tool that analyzes source code for its
adherence to Genode's coding style as described in 'doc/coding_style.txt'.
Whenever possible, the tool tries to fix the issues and outputs a corrected
file. Some corrections, however, require human interaction. In this case,
the tool stops the analysis with an error.
This tool is a C++ parser used as front-end for Beautify.
This tool converts a C++ source file to a HTML view to be used for the API
documentation at the website. It relies on 'parse_cxx' to do the
actual C++ parsing.
This tool helps with assigning consistent include guards to header files.
This directory contains boot-loader files needed to create boot images.
Autopilot is a tool for the automatic execution of run scripts among multiple
base platforms.